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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Tai, King The ruler of Timtu Island. Adventure #276 (Sep 1960)
Talleyrand An advisor to Napoleon. Seen in a flashback. More Fun #83 (1942)
Tank Fish An armored creature of the deep that has electrified feelers, many tentacles, and a sword. Adventure #234 (1957)
Tao-Tsung A hermit who lives on a rocky island who became the guardian of China's treasure at the beginning of WWII. Adventure #103 (1946)
Tate, Bull Owner of the Supersea Aquacade, not above using criminal means to book his aquacade at the fair. Adventure #171 (1951)
Teach, John A descendant of Blackbeard the pirate. Blackbeard's real name was Edward Teach, but he was referred to as John Teach in this tale. See also Wilson, John. More Fun #88 (1943)
Ted Flood See Flood, Ted.
Ted Harris See Harris, Captain.
Temple See Sea Fortress.
Tex Member of a group of US Marines trapped by an ambush on Kungsi Island. More Fun #90 (1943)
Thelma The wife of a pickpocket victim who thinks quickly and summons an octopus detective. Adventure #264 (1959)
Thetis See Stone, Jane.
Think Machine A computer that makes eerily accurate predictions, up to 12 hours into the future. Intended to help ships avoid storms. Adventure #231 (1956)
Thomas A greedy nephew of Archibald who wanted his treasure and so followed him to Penguin Island. More Fun #97 (1944)
Thomas Jefferson See Jefferson, Thomas.
Thomas Jefferson's Treasure A chest of 1804 Silver Dollars lost on the journey to pay for the Louisiana Purchase. More Fun #83 (1942)
Thungar The patriarch of a hidden valley that used a system of canals to supply water for irrigation. Adventure #144 (1949)
Timtu Island A wealthy monarchy ruled by King Tai. Adventure #276 (Sep 1960)
Tim Weed See Weed, Tim.
Tipper Dale See Dale, Tipper.
"T.N.T." Dillon See Dillon, "T.N.T.".
Toco A misnaming of Topo. See Topo. Adventure #235 (1957)
Tom The voice of reason in a group of four boys (including Eddie, Roy, and an unnamed redhead) who steal a sailboat in search of adventure. Adventure #279 (Dec 1960)
Tom Curry See Curry, Tom.
Tommy G. The ship of Rocky Logan, a descendant of Blackbeard. The ship is destroyed by Aquaman in the Arctic after being tipped over by seals from Seal Island. More Fun #88 (1943)
Tom Jenkins See Jenkins, Tom.
Tom Lariar See Lariar, Tom.
Tommy Leeds See Leeds, Tommy.
Tom Preston See Preston, Tom.
Tom Renfrew See Renfrew, Tom.
Topo Aquaman's undersea partner throughout the Silver Age. Adventure #229 (1956)
Tracy, Mr The principal of the school that Aqualad is enrolled in. Adventure #278 (Nov 1960)
Travis, Jim A photographer searching for the seventh wonder of the sea. Adventure #224 (1956)
Trawler, Captain The captain of a ship, hates whalers with a passion. More Fun #105 (1945)
Trent, Captain Captain of the Annabelle Adventure #183 (1952)
Trigger A mob thug who is working with Roder and Humber to fix a swimming race. More Fun #81 (1942)
Trigger Malone See Malone, Trigger.
Trino The leader of a group of alien criminals from another dimension that have stolen blueprints for a powerful weapon and plan to use it to conquer Earth. Showcase #30 (Jan 1961)
Trophy Club A hangout for big-game hunters. Adventure #142 (1949)
Troy, Captain A notorious modern pirate who attacks a tramp steamer. Adventure #252 (1958)
Troy, Harvey A movie producer and director who managed to hire a bunch of stars who can't swim for a sea-based movie. Adventure #201 (1954)
Turk Wheeler See Wheeler, Turk.
Tusky A walrus called by Aquaman who frees him and then pretends to be him. It is unknown if this Tusky is the same as the later walrus. Adventure #108 (1946)
Twinbogie An island of safety for the prehistoric men that Aquaman assists. Adventure #184 (1953)
Tyson, Professor A noted ichthyologist with the world's most valuable collection of rare fish. Adventure #270 (Mar 1960)