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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Namaga A port city that is home to sea scoundrels. More Fun #80 (1942)
Nambi A native diver of Luna Vaya who dares to risk the dangers of Pearl Valley for the prices that Dumsty is offering. Adventure #116 (1947)
Nancy The name of Ambrose Weems motorboat. Adventure #186 (1953)
Napoleon A French leader who sold Louisiana to the United States. Seen in a flashback. More Fun #83 (1942)
Nautilus A tourist liner that Aquaman was giving an exhibition of underwater stunts on. Adventure #122 (1947)
Neil Verne See Verne, Captain.
Nelson, Horace A store-keeper from Cactus Gulch who wants to go to sea so badly that he falls into an illegal whaling scheme. More Fun #100 (1944)
Nemesis The name of Black Jack the modern pirate's ship. It had metal sides, a wooden deck, a forward gun and torpedo tubes. More Fun #74 (1941)
Neptune, King The god of the sea who tells Aquaman that he retired the day Aquaman appeared on the scene. Adventure #255 (1958)
Neptune, Mr. A stranger with a trident he claims washed up thanks to an x-bomb explosion that granted him the powers of the ancient god of the sea. Adventure #205 (1954)
Neptune Skin Diving Club Formerly the Aquaman Fan Club, they changed their name after learning about Aquaman's "crimes". There is no indication in the story that they changed back after learning the truth. Adventure #237 (1957)
Nereid A ship that drops a load of dangerous experimental drugs that cause temporary insanity into the ocean near Aquaman. Adventure #218 (1955)
Ness, Ira A scientest who discovers a moss that contains Vitamin XZ, the reason behind giant turtles on the Galapagos islands. Adventure #124 (1948)
Neva A Russian ship crewed entirely by women. It runs on the convoy route to Murmansk. More Fun #93 (1943)
New Venice A city whose streets were flooded in a sea-quake. Adventure #264 (1959)
Noah, Captain The leader of a gang harvesting gold from sea water using a method that creates powerful and dangerous storms. Adventure #271 (Apr 1960)
Noppy Black Jack's partner in the search for Thomas Jefferson's treasure. More Fun #83 (1942)
Norton, Shark See Shark Norton.