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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Eastern Isle A shipwreck that Aquaman uses to repair the S.S.Cathay when it is sabotaged by Castaigne. Adventure #168 (1951)
Ebenezer Ligh See Ligh, Ebenezer.
Ebenezer Rugg See Rugg, Ebenezer
Ed A henchman of Jed Rowe. Adventure #282 (Mar 1961)
Eddie A worker on Dr Hugo Morel's ship. Adventure #266 (1959)
Eddie (2) Leader of a group of four boys (including Roy, Tom, and an unnamed redhead) who steal a sailboat in search of adventure. Adventure #279 (Dec 1960)
Eight-Arm Aquaman's nickname for an octopus friend. Adventure #103 (1946)
Electric Man Escaped convict Roy Pinto became immune to electric shock by handling electric eels. He uses this power for evil. Also known as Mr. Peters. Adventure #254 (1958)
Ellentown The inland hiding place of a gang boss on the run from Aquaman. Adventure #172 (1952)
Elmo A hijacker who attempts to run down Aquaman in a motorboat. Adventure #217 (1955)
Enoch Druten See Druten, Enoch.
Esther Grable See Grable, Esther.
Evolution Ray A device created by Professor Richards that turns back the evolutionary process of any fish it is shined on, and allows those fish to be controlled as well. Showcase #31 (Mar 1961)
The Exploits of Aquaman Full title: "The Exploits of Aquaman... And How He Outwitted Black Jack", written by Derek Hartley. Adventure #151 (1950)