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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Fantasy A luxury yacht owned by Rex Collier and captained by Cap'n Dan Billows. Adventure #117 (1947)
Fen-Shu An important Chinese base, being constructed as a landing strip for American planes. Defended by a ragtag group of Chinese guerillas. More Fun #95 (1944)
Fido A fish with very large teeth that helps protect Aquaman's marine preserve. Adventure #142 (1949)
Finn, Chuck A young man who can swim almost as well as Aquaman. Adventure #136 (1949)
Fish Preserve A sanctuary for fish that Aquaman uses as a teaching tool for landlubbers. Adventure #192 (1953)
Five Fathom Fisherman's Club An exclusive club that requires Captain Ligh to prove one of his extraordinary feats in order to join. More Fun #106 (1945)
Flarer, Duke A crime boss who built a working fake volcano in the hollow of an extinct volcano to use as a base for his crime wave. More Fun #99 (1944)
Fleet, Captain A pirate who wants to rob the Annabelle, but stumbles across Aquaman's undersea jail. Adventure #183 (1952)
Fletcher A prisoner on Convict Island who joins Adams and Graf to fight Yascom. More Fun #82 (1942)
Flint, Captain The subject of a movie that Aquaman is assisting with. The character is clearly based on Captain Flint from Treasure Island. Adventure #178 (1952)
Flint, Silas A greedy landlord who kicks the Wallaces out of their lease so he can capitalize on the success of their restaurant by starting his own. Adventure #182 (1952)
Flipp the Flying Fish A flying fish who jumps through flaming hoops in Aquaman's sea circus. Adventure #128 (1948)
Flippy A seal performing in U.S.O. acts in Manila. He has a head cold when Aquaman and Ark visit, so Ark takes his place in the show. Adventure #111 (1946)
Floating Hall of Fame A series of carvings by Captain John that celebrate the greatest figures in the history of the sea. Figures include Noah, Hanno, Columbus, and John Paul Jones. Adventure #228 (1956)
Flood, Jim The hero of Sea Chase. He and his younger brother Ted are the stars of the TV show. Adventure #280 (Jan 1961)
Flood, Ted The younger brother of Jim Flood and a star on the TV show Sea Chase. Adventure #280 (Jan 1961)
Fogarty, Frank A man searching for the treasure of his old partner, Stumpy Henry. Adventure #129 (1948)
Forrest, Horace Lawyer for the Curtis Traveling Circus. Adventure #241 (1957)
Fortuna A floating gambling ship owned by the Rajah of Joon, aka Black Jack. More Fun #77 (1942)
Fourth-Dimensional Cannon A weapon that fires a capsule that catapults the victims into the fourth dimension. Adventure #216 (1955)
Frank Fogarty See Fogarty, Frank.
Franklin A ship carrying a cargo of gold that was rescued by Aquaman from hijackers. Adventure #214 (1955)
Freems, Chief Petty Officer A man who puts the "petty" into his rank, Freems repeatedly demands impossible tasks from his men, including the undercover Aquaman. Adventure #232 (1957)
Frisco Dawn A freighter with a betting crew that has a problem with the first mate. Adventure #243 (1957)
Fun Island A playland reserved by a group of youths who end up getting stuck on a reef and not being able to make it. Adventure #206 (1954)