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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Badger A launch owner, member of the Voyager Boat Club, who is trying to smuggle jewels into the United States from England. Adventure #105 (1946)
Bajorka Island An uninhabited island being used by smugglers. Adventure #210 (1955)
Baldy Duff A thug working for Sponsler. More Fun #98 (1944)
Banks, Captain A friend of Aquaman's who is robbed by a gang that Aquaman follows onto land to catch. Adventure #172 (1952)
Baritania A ship that radioed ahead to New York to let them know Aquaman was on the way, so a charity group could meet him and ask him to do a stunt. Adventure #152 (1950)
Barnacle Gang A gang of smugglers. Adventure #249 (1958)
Barney The first mate and chief thug of Captain Jules Rogers. Adventure #168 (1951)
Bart One of Willie Desmond's thugs, served as a spy on Captain Lowery's ship. Adventure #180 (1952)
Bart Horval See Horval, Bart.
Barton, Shark A thug who wants the mail charter and the contract that goes with it from Cap'n Gregg. He burns Gregg's ship and tries to disrupt the mail. Adventure #131 (1948)
Beachcroft A town in which Aquaman opens an underwater amusement park as part of a scheme to save the lives of everyone in the town. Adventure #246 (1958)
Bean, Horace An inventor who follows Aquaman around taking pictures of his feats to help invent the Aqua-Doll, a radio controlled action figure of Aquaman that becomes a national craze. Adventure #208 (1954)
Benbow, Admiral A character in a movie Aquaman is assisting. The sworn enemy of Captain Flint, trying to capture him. Based on the name of the Inn in Treasure Island. Adventure #178 (1952)
Berg-Battleship A Nazi warship invented by Krutz that is made of shatter-proof glass on the inside with an ammonia freezing system on the outside. More Fun #79 (1942)
Big Jim Mason See Mason, Jim.
Big Mike The boss of a group of hoodlums who use an island hideout that Aquaman gets too close to for him to pick up his thugs. Adventure #206 (1954)
Big Rocky One of two crooks who want to join forces, but gets sidetracked by an experiment in ultrasonic waves. More Fun #102 (1945)
Bill Joe Lundgren's pal, who joins him on his first undersea big game hunt. Adventure #190 (1953)
Billows, Dan A grizzled sea-veteran who captains Rex Collier's yacht and consults Aquaman about the Flying Dutchman. Adventure #117 (1947)
Bill Wallace See Wallace, Bill.
Bill Wallaces's Eatery The name of the successful restaurant owned by Bill and Jane Wallace. Adventure #182 (1952)
Billy Lowery See Lowery, Billy.
Bingley Name or alias of a crook who is selling beachfront property on an eroding beach. More Fun #101 (1945)
Bix A member of Joe Moxie's gang. Adventure #195 (1953)
Black Bay The bay in which Black Jack dumped Aquaman into, locked in a steel fish-proof box. Adventure #141 (1949)
Black Beauty A whale with a white patch on its back that is one of the strongest of the ocean. Adventure #174 (1952)
Black Jack Aquaman's arch-enemy in the Golden Age, Black Jack was a pirate who used various schemes to cheat people out of money. In his first story, he was a standard pirate who dressed up as a historical pirate to strike fear in his victims. More Fun #74 (1941)
Blackie Ark the Sea Lion/Seal's son, originally very scared of Aquaman. More Fun #107 (1946)
Blackie Hogan See Hogan, Blackie.
Blaine, Doctor Part of a trio of scientist who created new life, the Malignant Amoeba, without figuring out how to destroy it first. Adventure #135 (1948)
Blake, Jim A postal worker in charge of the Marine Mail Delivery, trying to win a franchise contract from the government. Adventure #215 (1955)
Blake, Johnny A former Navy pilot who is afraid of the water after nearly drowning during wartime. Adventure #220 (1956)
Blaney Captain of the Police who confronts the Rajah of Joon on behalf of Senator Burton. More Fun #77 (1942)
Blodgett, Phineas An inventor who believes he has created a method to extract gold from sea-water. More Fun #98 (1944)
Blue Bay The dock used as a hideout by a group of kidnappers, discovered by Phineas Pike, the Sea Sleuth, from the barnacle size on their ship. Adventure #140 (1949)
Bob Crane See Crane, Bob
Bon Homme Richard John Paul Jones' ship. Adventure #121 (1947)
Bonnie Prince A ship loaded with gold bullion that pirate Pete Desmond attempted to rob. Adventure #176 (1952)
Boswell Mr. Boswell is the only named member of the crew of a yacht that Black Jack's pirate ship Nemesis attacked. More Fun #74 (1941)
Brad Jensen See Jensen, Brad.
Braddock, Captain A Coast Guard captain assisting Aquaman. Adventure #192 (1953)
Brady, Luke A ranch owner who buys a gold mine only to discover that it's underwater. Adventure #173 (1952)
Bragg, Vic See Human Flying Fish.
Brandon A rival movie producer to Harvey Troy who is trying to sabotage Troy's movie. Adventure #201 (1954)
Brentwood Dam A dam that created a man-made lake which also hid a treasure in gold dust. Adventure #129 (1948)
Broome, Captain Ship captain whose ship is rammed and destroyed by Moby Dick II. Adventure #213 (1955)
Brunn, Pierre A member of the International Port's Harbor Police who wants to help Aquaman and Juan Jones prove that Tim Weed is a smuggler. Adventure #160 (1951)
Brunt, Admiral A navy admiral who warns Aquaman to get sea life out of an area the navy is conducting bomb tests in. Adventure #251 (1958)
Bull Moser See Moser, Bull.
Bull Tate See Tate, Bull.
Burk The director of a sea movie based on the story of Captain Flint, who gets Aquaman's help in the production. Adventure #178 (1952)
Burton, Dawn The daughter of Senator Burton, kidnapped by Black Jack and rescued by Aquaman. More Fun #77 (1942)
Burton, Senator A senator whose daughter was kidnapped by Black Jack in the guise of the Rajah of Joon. Senator Burton heads the Waterways Committee. More Fun #77 (1942)
Butch A thug working for a modern pirate who threatens Aquaman with a gun. Adventure #225 (1956)
Butch Marlin See Marlin, Butch