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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
O'Dowd A member of Lansing's gang. Adventure #185 (1953)
Ocean Square A place in a seaside town in which a statue of Aquaman is placed. Adventure #211 (1955)
Oceanographic Society A group that gets Aquaman to help them chart the seabed. Adventure #253 (1958)
Octi Aquaman's nickname for an octopus friend. Adventure #103 (1946)
Octopus, Kid A boxer on the Atlantic team during the 1960 Underwater Olympics. Adventure #277 (Oct 1960)
Octy [1] The octopus from the aquarium who was taken care of by Old Pete after the aquarium closed. More Fun #101 (1945)
Octy [2] An octopus who plugs up holes in a ship while the crew make repairs. More Fun #105 (1945)
Octy [3] An octopus who assists Aquaman by helping rescuing a millionaire and his crew. Adventure #120 (1947)
Old Hard Shell A giant sea turtle friend of Aquaman's. Adventure #134 (1948)
Old Pete Faithful guard at the old aquarium determined to keep the larger fish that couldn't be transferred to the zoo alive. More Fun #101 (1945)
Orienta Express The company offering a contract to the first ship that can reach Singapore from Hong Kong of the S.S.Cathay and the S.S.Marlin. Adventure #168 (1951)
Orwell The owner of a tropical fish store that raises tropical fish in an inland lake. Adventure #212 (1955)
Oswald A man having a birthday party aboard a ship on which all the musicians got seasick. Topo filled in for them. Adventure #266 (1959)