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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Kane, Phil The rivel of Tom Renfrew, who would gain a full scholarship if Tom cannot fulfill the requirement of the scholarship winner. Adventure #158 (1950)
Kates, Horace See The Wizard.
Kathie Wingham See Wingham, Kathie.
Keel Lighthouse The location of Aquaman's final amazing stunt on May 5th, actually a trick to lure "T.N.T." Dillon out into the open. Adventure #226 (1956)
Kenyon, Archibald Professor Kenyon is the world's "Greatest Living Authority on Fish", but hasn't done much fieldwork from the evidence that Aquaman presents. However, he is willing to change his mind, and his theory, if proven wrong. More Fun #103 (1945)
Keoki the Diver A citizen of Pearl Island, and the best diver for pearls on the entire island. His girlfriend Loana was kidnapped by Black Jack, then saved by Aquaman. He became chief of the island. More Fun #75 (1942)
Kid Octopus See Octopus, Kid.
King Neptune See Neptune, King.
King Tai See Tai, King.
Kipp The first mate on the Frisco Dawn. Adventure #243 (1957)
Krill, Dr A doctor who is certain he can turn Vic Bragg into a Human Flying Fish. Adventure #272 (May 1960)
Krutz Nazi scientist who created a ship disguised as an iceberg (the Berg-Battleship) and a heat ray. He was saved from drowning when the iceberg ship went down and became an addled prisoner of war working on a perpetual motion machine. More Fun #79 (1942)
Kryle, Captain He wrote a book about a champion swimmer who swims around the world in 80 hours, but his publisher refuses it because it's too fantastic. Until Aquaman agrees to do the stunt if half the profits of the book go to charity. Adventure #273 (Jun 1960)
Kungsi Island An island somewhere in the Pacific that contained a Japanese mini-sub base. More Fun #90 (1943)