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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Panama Canal A canal that unites the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. More Fun #86 (1942)
Paris Watch A newspaper reporting on the 1960 Underwater Olympics. Adventure #277 (Oct 1960)
Pariversal Pix A major film studio in Hollywood that wants Aquaman to swim around the world in seven days, and plans to donate the profits to the Navy Relief Fund. More Fun #86 (1942)
Patrol X34 The US Marine Scout Patrol commanded by Bob Crane that was ambushed on Kungsi Island. More Fun #90 (1943)
Pau Island An island with a mountain full of magnetized ore. Adventure #274 (Jul 1960)
Peabody, Professor A United Nations scientist determined to find mineral deposits on the ocean floor. Adventure #137 (1949)
Pearl Island An island ruled by a chief. Their waters have pearls. They were taken over by Black Jack, then freed by Aquaman. More Fun #75 (1942)
Pearl Valley An area of waters near the island of Luna Vaya populated by a "monster" that scares the natives away from diving for pearls there. Adventure #116 (1947)
Peers, Pike A con man running a boat-based aquarium. Former partner of Lorry Rogan. World's Finest #6 (1942)
Pegleg One of the trio of hijackers who fails to profit from Aquaman's Ark. The other two were Vulture and Runt. More Fun #87 (1943)
Pelican One of the first victims of Simon Drago's claim to own all the seas of the world. Adventure #139 (1949)
Penguin Island An island inhabited only by penguins that Archibald exiled himself to in order to get away from his annoying relatives. More Fun #97 (1944)
Penny The creatively named penguin that Archibald trained to stand on its head during his exile to Penguin Island. More Fun #97 (1944)
People In The News A TV program that wants to do a show on "A Day In The Life of Aquaman". Adventure #227 (1956)
Peril At Sea A movie made mostly with Aquaman's unwitting co-operation. Adventure #147 (1949)
Perp, Joe Leader of a gang that buried stolen gold on an island that was later taken over by the government for a secret project. Adventure #198 (1954)
Pete One of Black Jack's thugs. Adventure #125 (1948)
Pete [2] A member of Lansing's gang. A sharpshooter, who Lansing intends to kill Aquaman. Adventure #185 (1953)
Pete Desmond See Desmond, Pete.
Pete, Old See Old Pete.
Peter Porter See Porter, Peter.
Peter Reeks See Reeks, Peter.
Peters See Electric Man.
Peters, Professor Part of a trio of scientist who created new life, the Malignant Amoeba, without figuring out how to destroy it first. Adventure #135 (1948)
Peters, Roland A sinister mastermind working on a brain-wave transmitter that will duplicate Aquaman's powers, but can also transfer consciousnesses to other creatures. Adventure #259 (1959)
Petrel A merchant ship destined for the United States carrying the crown jewels of three countries. Sunk by Captain Skover. The only survivor was the cabin boy whose job was to guard the jewels. More Fun #75 (1942)
Phil Johnson See Johnson, Phil.
Phil Kane See Kane, Phil.
Phillip A greedy nephew of Archibald who wanted his treasure and so followed him to Penguin Island. More Fun #97 (1944)
Phineas Pike See Pike, Phineas.
Phyllis Girlfriend of Jordan Van Mille. Refuses Black Jack's offer of marriage. More Fun #80 (1942)
Pickett A United States Destroyer sunk by the Berg-Battleship. More Fun #79 (1942)
Pier 13 The location of Lansing's crooks. Adventure #185 (1953)
Pierce Island The location of an Army base. Adventure #247 (1958)
Pierre Brunn See Brunn, Pierre.
Pierre Morand See Morand, Pierre.
Pike, Phineas A detective who joins forces with Aquaman. Adventure #140 (1949)
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Pike Peers See Peers, Pike
Pine, Miss Aqualad's teacher at his new school. Adventure #278 (Nov 1960)
Pinto, Roy See Electric Man.
Porpy A porpoise that Aquaman rides. Showcase #30 (Jan 1961)
Porter, Peter A millionaire merchantman whose shipping line is losing money. Adventure #236 (1957)
Prentice A freighter on fire at sea that needs to save its load of gold by making it float. Adventure #164 (1951)
Preston, John The father of Tom Preston, trying to prove his son innocent of piracy and murder. Adventure #175 (1952)
Preston, Tom A young captain who witnessed a pirate attack and saved the survivors, only to be accused of being the pirate. Adventure #175 (1952)
Prime Minister Vuda See Vuda, Prime Minister.
Professor Dane See Dane, Professor.
Professor Druten See Druten, Enoch.
Professor Hatcher See Hatcher, Professor.
Professor Hogart See Hogart, Professor.
Professor Ness See Ness, Ira.
Professor Peabody See Peabody, Professor.
Professor Peters See Peters, Professor.
Professor Richards See Richards, Professor.
Professor Saybrook See Saybrook.
Professor Enos Snark See Snark, Professor Enos.
Professor Squill See Squill, Professor.
Professor Stark See Stark, Professor.
Professor Tyson See Tyson, Professor.
Proteus A ship that carries a new form of life called the Malignant Amoeba, while the crew who created it attempt to find a way to kill it. Adventure #135 (1948)