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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Hadley A man who undergoes a series of operations that allow him to breathe underwater like Aquaman. Adventure #257 (1959)
Hale, Jim The owner of a sailboat stolen by four boys looking for an easy adventure. Later he forgives the boys and promises to teach them how to sail properly. Adventure #279 (Dec 1960)
Hall, Jim A champion swimmer who is tired of swim meets and wants more than he can earn by swimming. Adventure #181 (1952)
Han, Captain The leader of a group of guerrillas in occupied China. More Fun #95 (1944)
Hanley, Admiral A Navy admiral who asks Aquaman to join the Navy as an ordinary seaman as part of a recruiting drive. Adventure #232 (1957)
Hannay, Vera Drew Carson's fiancee, who is worried when he hooks up with Black Jack. Her friend Jo tells her how to contact Aquaman. More Fun #83 (1942)
Harms Partner of Gooch, together they created a fake sea-elephant by stiching the head of an elephant on the body of a whale. When Zeb Jones' mermaid takes away their business, they kidnap her, getting Aquaman involved. Adventure #110 (1946)
Harris, Captain Full name Ted Harris. Coast Guard official who leads the hunt for Black Beauty the whale after Captain Verne claims the whale is sinking ships. Adventure #174 (1952)
Harry A prison guard who see Shark Wilson escape into the sea. Adventure #203 (1954)
Harte, Captain A sea captain who lost his sight in an accident, and was trying to raise enough money using pearls for an operation to restore his sight. Adventure #268 (1960)
Hartley, Derek A famous biographer, kidnapped by Black Jack to write a book on the pirate. Adventure #151 (1950)
Hartley, John Captain John Hartley wasn't allowed to claim an island by Aquaman, so his son held a grudge. Adventure #221 (1956)
Hartley, Johnny The son of Captain John Hartley, pretended he couldn't swim to disgrace Aquaman. Adventure #221 (1956)
Hartwick, Claude The European Representative of Seamen's Charities who plans a scam using Aquaman to rake in a lot of money on a cross channel race. Adventure #156 (1950)
Harvey Troy See Troy, Harvey.
Haskel, Commander The commander of a Navy Submarine testing atomic depth charges. Adventure #260 (1959)
Hatcher, Professor The best ichthyologist in the country, teaches at Weston College. Adventure #120 (1947)
Hawk Admiral Benbow's ship, which Captain Flint is attacking. Adventure #178 (1952)
Hawkins The first mate of Captain Stillar. Adventure #167 (1951)
Hayne's Department Store A store in Star City. Adventure #267 (1959)
Headquarters See Sea Fortress.
Hedy Hepburn See Hepburn, Hedy
Henry A lighthouse keeper who rescues an amnesiac Aquaman. Adventure #127 (1948)
Henry, Stumpy A man who hid his gold dust and left a treasure map in a "ship in a bottle". Was killed by Duke for the secret of the treasure. Adventure #129 (1948)
Hepburn, Hedy A woman who asks for Aquaman's autograph in Hollywood. We may presume she's a movie star amalgam of Hedy Lamarr and Katherine Hepburn. More Fun #86 (1942)
Hide Chandler See Chandler, Hide.
Higgins, Jerry A young man who runs away to go to become a sailor, but has the misfortune of ending up on Black Jack's ship. Adventure #150 (1950)
Hinks, Hurricane See Hurricane, Hinks.
Hogan, Blackie A pirate notorious enough that Aquaman recognized him on sight. Tried to blow up the Seven Sisters with Aquaman on board. More Fun #92 (1943)
Hogart, Professor An astronomer who proposed a floating observatory to allow astronomers the ability to see the skies from anywhere in the world. Adventure #119 (1947)
Hollywood C'mon, you know what Hollywood is, don't you? More Fun #86 (1942)
Horace Husband of Alma, he owns a boat named after her. Adventure #191 (1953)
Horace Bean See Bean, Horace.
Horace Forrest See Forrest, Horace.
Horace Kates See The Wizard.
Horace Nelson See Nelson, Horace.
Horval, Bart A robber baron of salvage operations who makes money whenever a ship sinks, and follows damaged ships in the hopes they will sink. Adventure #277 (Oct 1960)
Hoyle, Captain A friend of Aquaman's who opens up a drive-in theater for boats at Aquaman's suggestion. Adventure #186 (1953)
Hoyle Point A location near Aquaman's sea clinic. Adventure #188 (1953)
Hubert Reese See Reese, Hubert.
Hugo Morel See Morel, Hugo.
Human Flying Fish A former swim champ and thug who undergoes a series of operations to make him into a Human Flying Fish. Adventure #272 (May 1960)
Humber A great swimmer involved in a racket to win a marathon. A rival to George Riggs for the love of Dotty. More Fun #81 (1942)
Hurricane Hinks His racket is cheating Samoan divers out of pearls for worthless trinkets. More Fun #103 (1945)