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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Van Dyke A hijacked ship that is rescued by Mr. Neptune who apparently shields himself from bullets and uses electric eels to capture the bad guys. Adventure #205 (1954)
Van Klyst A socity matron who carried a million dollars worth of diamonds with her on a cruise. Oops. Adventure #257 (1959)
Van Mille, Jordan Owner of a pleasure yacht that Black Jack takes over to resume his pirate career. Apparently nicknamed "Van" by his close friends. More Fun #80 (1942)
Varn, Dr A scientist in the year 6,958 who was expelled from the Council for misusing science for personal gain. Adventure #251 (1958)
Venusian Eagle-Fish A fish in the alien aquarium. Adventure #234 (1957)
Verne, Captain Full name Neil Verne. A smuggler who claims that Black Beauty is sinking his ships. Adventure #174 (1952)
Vic Bragg See Human Flying Fish.
Vic Wake See Wake, Vic.
Virus X A powerful virus that caused John Welky to fall into sleeping sickness. Adventure #200 (1954)
Vitamin XZ A vitamin contained only in a moss on the Galapagos islands that leads to massive growth. Adventure #124 (1948)
Vitto, Count A noble of Venice who needed money and cooked up a scheme to steal paintings during a costume contest. Adventure #123 (1947)
Voyager Boat Club A club whose members are are upright in public, but are smugglers in private. Adventure #105 (1946)
Vuda, Prime Minister The Primer Minister of Timtu Island and a thief. Adventure #276 (Sep 1960)
Vue Magazine A magazine edited by Roy Mason. Adventure #237 (1957)
Vulture One of the trio of hijackers who fails to profit from Aquaman's Ark. The other two were Runt and Pegleg. More Fun #87 (1943)