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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Yangtze A river in China, referred to as the Yangtze Kiang in a text box. One of the greatest rivers in the world. Part of Aquaman's domain. More Fun #95 (1944)
Yank Member of a group of US Marines trapped by an ambush on Kungsi Island. More Fun #90 (1943)
Yascom A convict blacksmith on Convict Island who starts the rebellion against the guards and declares himself king. He is defeated by Aquaman and ends up shark food. More Fun #82 (1942)
Yegar, Captain A tug captain who refuses to pay protection money to Joe Moxie. Adventure #195 (1953)
You Saw It Happen! A live TV show that re-enacts historical events. Adventure #235 (1957)