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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Malignant Amoeba A new form of life created by Dane, Peters, and Blaine who are trying to protect all life in the oceans and land from it. Adventure #135 (1948)
Malone, Trigger A criminal wanted for murder who apparently commits suicide by jumping off a dock into deep water. Adventure #126 (1948)
Mamie Wife of Henry, a lighthouse keeper who rescues an amnesiac Aquaman. Adventure #127 (1948)
Maracot Deep A bottomless pit that descends from the ocean floor in which Aquaman knows a sea monster dwells. Also a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Adventure #247 (1958)
Marian The name of Tom Lariar's boat. Adventure #170 (1951)
Marianne A ship in the Seamen's Association annual parade. Adventure #239 (1957)
Marine Mail Delivery A service that delivers mail to divers and others who work at sea, owned by Jim Blake. Adventure #215 (1955)
Marine World of Tomorrow Exhibit An exhibit that includes the ships of the future, a model of a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean, and the Think Machine. Adventure #231 (1956)
Mark Windham See Windham, Mark.
Mark Smith See Smith, Mark.
Marlin The S.S.Marlin is Captain Jules Rogers ship, vying for a contract with Orienta Express. Adventure #168 (1951)
Marlin, Butch The leader of the crooked gamblers who run the Lady Luck gambling ship. Adventure #106 (1946)
Marovia A country sending millions in gold bullion to the United States, which is the real target of Mr. Neptune's efforts. Adventure #205 (1954)
Marshall Museum A museum that loaned a movie production all their old coins to help with the authenticity of the movie. Adventure #178 (1952)
Martin The personal director of a large Eastern shipping firm. Adventure #198 (1954)
Mary Ann [1] The small ship owned by Captain Fleet that gets dumped by Jumbo the whale. Adventure #183 (1952)
Mary Ann [2] The freighter owned by Captain Cook. Adventure #210 (1955)
Mary Ann [3] A cargo ship targeted by Professor Snark and his whale sub. Adventure #284 (May 1961)
Mary B A whaling schooner captained by Captain Samson, who runs the ship like a pirate ship. Adventure #197 (1954)
Mason, Captain Captain Dirk in disguise, trying to utterly destroy John Preston. See also Dirk, Captain. Adventure #175 (1952)
Mason, Jim The corrupt governor of Comstock, who has stolen from the treasury and abuses his power to keep his competition from being elected. Adventure #263 (1959)
Mason, Roy A magazine editor who tries to blacken Aquaman's name after seeing actions he didn't understand. Adventure #237 (1957)
Mason, Walter An artist who prefers to paint seascapes underwater. Aquaman assists him when one of his paintings becomes a target for thieves. Adventure #149 (1950)
Matsu, Colonel A Japanese colonel whose plans keep being leaked to the Chinese resistance. More Fun #96 (1944)
Matt's Grocery A business in New Venice. Adventure #264 (1959)
Matt Cleary See Cleary, Matt.
McBane A big-game hunters who is bored of hunting animals on land, and so creates suits and guns that allow him and a buddy to hunt undersea. Adventure #142 (1949)
Melvin An annoying clown. See also Aqua-Melvin. Adventure #242 (1957)
Menckin A diver who works in Pearl Valley at Luna Vaya. He's creating cultured pearls and passing them off as natural. Adventure #116 (1947)
Merman A film character based on Aquaman. Adventure #113 (1947)
Metropolitan Studios A company offering a $100,000 prize for pictures of the Seven Wonders of the Sea. Adventure #224 (1956)
Mike The leader of a gang who has plans to take advantage of a champion swimmer. Adventure #181 (1952)
Milo An ancient Atlantean who predicted disaster, but was laughed at for his worries. He perfected a giant bell jar and was able to save a number of citizens, who established a thriving colony under the waves. More Fun #87 (1943)
Ming, Lun See Lun Ming.
Miss Pine See Pine, Miss.
Mizzoo Center A town on the Mississippi where Chuck Finn lives. Adventure #136 (1949)
Moby Dick II A whale friend of Aquaman's who rammed a ship and destroyed it. Adventure #213 (1955)
Mohab, Captain A madman on a hunt for the White Whale. Adventure #133 (1948)
Morand, Pierre A young Frenchman who has tried for the Channel Record in the past, and longs for another chance. Adventure #156 (1950)
Morel, Hugo A famous ichthyologist who found Lisa Morel as a baby, exiled from Atlantis, and raised her as his own. Adventure #266 (1959)
Morel, Lisa An Atlantean exile raised by Dr Hugo Morel. She briefly had Aquaman's abilities. She has purple eyes. Adventure #266 (1959)
Morrell Seal poacher who uses electric guns to kill seals without harming the fur. More Fun #85 (1942)
Mortar, J. P. A millionaire with a yacht that Black Jack decides to rob. Adventure #107 (1946)
Moser, Bull A modern pirate who apparently creates a life-sized Aqua-doll to rob ships and convince police that inventor Horace Bean is behind the robberies. Adventure #208 (1954)
Moxie, Joe A gang leader who buys a boat and takes his "business" to the waves. Adventure #195 (1953)
Mr. Neptune See Neptune, Mr.
Mr Tracy See Tracy, Mr.
Muscles A thug employed by Captain Jerrod. More Fun #84 (1942)
Myron Aquaman's name for a sea monster that likes to copy other sea creatures antics. Adventure #244 (1958)
Myrtle Phineas Pike's Giant Sea Turtle steed. Adventure #141 (1949)