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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Daggart, Captain A criminal who loots salvage ships after they've done the hard work of salvaging, who happens to know that gold lies in the spot that Jason sold to Luke Brady as an underwater mine. Adventure #173 (1952)
Daily Chronicle The newspaper edited by J.B. that Quentin Ward's comic strip "Al's Adventures" appears in. Adventure #145 (1949)
Daily Herald A newspaper that announces the Kon-Tiki-like journey of a group of scientists. Adventure #179 (1952)
Daily Herald Newspaper that announces Aquaman and Aqualad's 80 hour swim around the world. Adventure #273 (Jun 1960)
Daily World A newspaper reporting on the 1960 Underwater Olympics. Adventure #277 (Oct 1960)
Dale Conroy See Conroy, Dale.
Dale, Tipper A jewel thief who Aquaman catches in the act of jumping off a bridge in iron shoes. Adventure #126 (1948)
Dan Billows See Billows, Dan.
Dan Dunbar See Dunbar, Dan.
Dane, Professor Part of a trio of scientist who created new life, the Malignant Amoeba, without figuring out how to destroy it first. Adventure #135 (1948)
Danton, Doctor A scientist living on a remote island who is assisted by Aquaman. Adventure #258 (1959)
Davis, Commodore The very wealthy man in charge of the annual pageant celebrating the Battle of the Monitor and Merrimac. Adventure #115 (1947)
Davies, Doris The daughter of Commodore Davies, the man in charge of the annual pageant celebrating the Battle of the Monitor and Merrimac. Adventure #115 (1947)
Dawn Burton See Burton, Dawn
Dead Man's Current A dangerous current that Aquaman swims across to rescue sailors from a burning tanker. Adventure #127 (1948)
Dean Andrews See Andrews, Dean.
Deeter, Jason A sea sorcerer who challenges Aquaman's control of the oceans. Adventure #245 (1958)
Derek Hartley See Hartley, Derek.
Derryport A city mentioned by Peers Pike as he planned a bank robbery there. World's Finest #6 (1942)
Desert Coast A sparsely populated, sandy region that Jed Rowe beaches his stolen sub on. Adventure #282 (Mar 1961)
Desmond, Pete A notorious pirate who wallops Aquaman on the back of the head and makes him lose his powers. Adventure #176 (1952)
Desmond, Willie A notorious pirate who wants to rob Aquaman's bank. Adventure #180 (1952)
Dillon, "T.N.T." A crook just out of jail who has sworn revenge on Aquaman for putting him in jail in the first place. Known to use dynamite. Adventure #226 (1956)
Dina Lewis See Lewis, Dina.
Dirk, Captain A pirate being hunted by Aquaman, who has a rather interesting hideout. Adventure #175 (1952)
Dirk, Captain [2] The captain of the Silver Queen. Willie Desmond pretends to be the captain to lure Aquaman away from his bank. Adventure #180 (1952)
Dirk Jenkins See Jenkins, Dirk.
Dirk Scuttle See Scuttle, Dirk.
Doc A disgraced doctor who performs a series of operations on Hadley to make him as powerful as Aquaman. Adventure #257 (1959)
Doctor Arvy Rush See Rush, Arvy.
Doctor Blaine See Blaine, Doctor.
Doctor Coburn See Coburn, Doctor
Doctor Danton See Danton, Doctor. Adventure #258 (1959)
Dr Krill See Krill, Dr.
Dr Hugo Morel See Morel, Hugo.
Doctor Roamer See Roamer, Doctor.
Dr Varn See Varn, Dr.
Doktor, Alan A former PT boat captain who gets a job as a merchant skipper with help from Aquaman. Adventure #198 (1954)
Dolphie A nickname Aquaman uses for his dolphin friends. Adventure #128 (1948)
Doris Davies See Davies, Doris
Dotty Girlfriend of George Riggs, rescued by Aquaman but thought that George had rescued her instead. More Fun #81 (1942)
Drago, Simon A man who claimed to own all the seas of the world due to a grant by a Roman emperor 2000 years ago. Adventure #139 (1949)
Drake's An armored car company from which Gustave the Great steals a truck. Adventure #261 (1959)
Drake, Captain The captain of the icebreaker Westwind. Adventure #213 (1955)
Drew Carson See Carson, Drew.
Druten, Enoch A renowned ichthyologist who blackmails Aquaman into performing in his sea circus by threatening serveral rare species of fish with poison. Adventure #154 (1950)
Duff, Baldy See Baldy Duff
Duke A cold-blooded killer hunting for a treasure of gold dust. Murdered his crew of thugs so he wouldn't have to share. Adventure #129 (1948)
Duke Flarer See Flarer, Duke.
Duko, Admiral See Admiral Duko.
Dumsty A buyer of pearls who pays highly for pearls from Luna Vaya. Adventure #116 (1947)
Dunbar, Dan A stunt man who has to be rescued repeatedly by Aquaman. Adventure #147 (1949)
Dune A strange man who always wears a life preserver, but has an ulterior motive for his oddness. Adventure #122 (1947)