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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Rainbow The name of Gordon's boat, in which he attempts to sail across the pond from England to the United States. Adventure #105 (1946)
Rainbow Weapon A weapon that fires colored beams that bind and encase an enemy. Adventure #216 (1955)
Rajah of Joon The first disguise of Black Jack the modern pirate. The Rajah of Joon ran the gambling ship Fortuna, and kidnapped Senator Burton's daughter. More Fun #77 (1942)
Red A thug employed by Captain Jerrod. More Fun #84 (1942)
Redstone A big-game hunters who is bored of hunting animals on land. Adventure #142 (1949)
Reed A multimillionaire who finances Weston College single-handedly (he's an alumus), but wants them to field a decent sports team despite their tiny size. Adventure #120 (1947)
Reeks, Peter A whaler who grew up in Cactus Gulch, and hatched a plan to trick his boyhood friend Horace Nelson into an illegal whaling operation. More Fun #100 (1944)
Reese, Hubert An eccentric millionaire who wants to buy the Floating Hall of Fame. Adventure #228 (1956)
Renfrew, Tom The winner of a scholarship at the College of Marine Arts who needs to paint an action portrait of Aquaman. Unfortunately, Tom was injured during the War and cannot dive to watch Aquaman working on an undersea cable. Adventure #158 (1950)
Rex Collier See Collier, Rex.
Richards, Professor A famous zoologist who designed an evolution ray. Showcase #31 (Mar 1961)
Riggs, George A man who couldn't swim to save his girlfriend's life. Aquaman trained him to be a champion swimmer and helped him win a marathon. Originally he was trying to impress his girl, Dotty, but later became determined to win when his rival attempted to kill him. More Fun #81 (1942)
Roamer, Doctor A showman who collects genuine water from every body of water around the world to house his aquatic museum. Adventure #109 (1946)
Rocky, Big See Big Rocky.
Rocky, Little See Little Rocky.
Rocky Logan See Logan, Rocky.
Rocky The Brain A member of Turk Wheeler's gang who came up with a unique way to signal locations in the Fish Preserve. Adventure #192 (1953)
Roder A mob thug who is working with Humber to fix a swimming race. Attempts to drown Aquaman. More Fun #81 (1942)
Rogan, Lorry A con man who worked with Black Jack on the sea kidnappings (see Burton, Dawn) and escaped from jail. He fled to his former partner, Pike Peers, and attempted to take over his Zoo of the Deep. Was rescued by Aquaman after Peers attempted to kill him. World's Finest #6 (1942)
Roger Curtis, Jr See Curtis, Roger Jr.
Rogers, George A scientist who left various scientific instruments on an island in the North Sea that didn't exist. Adventure #209 (1955)
Rogers, Jules An old enemy of Aquaman's, who uses dirty tricks to try to win the Orienta Express contract away from Cleary. Adventure #168 (1951)
Roland Peters See Peters, Roland.
Ronald Sailsbury See Sailsbury, Ronald.
Rosebud A yacht owned by Mr. Reed, a millionaire who finances Weston College. It sinks while Aquaman is not around to rescue him. Adventure #120 (1947)
Rowe, Jed A notorious smuggler being hunted by the US Coast Guard. Adventure #282 (Mar 1961)
Roxroyd A counterfeiter with an unusual way of getting rid of the evidence of his crimes. Adventure #265 (1959)
Roy Second in command of a group of four boys (including Eddie, Tom, and an unnamed redhead) who steal a sailboat in search of adventure. Adventure #279 (Dec 1960)
Roy Mason See Mason, Roy.
Roy Pinto See Electric Man.
Rugg, Ebenezer A landowner along the Mississippi who plans to flood other farms so he can buy them cheap. More Fun #91 (1943)
Runt One of the trio of hijackers who fails to profit from Aquaman's Ark. The other two were Vulture and Pegleg. More Fun #87 (1943)
Rush, Arvy A doctor who wants to study Aquaman to learn the secrets of his powers, but refuses to wait until Aquaman has time. Adventure #250 (1958)
Rush Marine Laboratory The laboratory of Doctor Arvy Rush. Adventure #250 (1958)