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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
Gaff A thug employed by Captain Jerrod. More Fun #84 (1942)
General Lundigan See Lundigan, General.
George Riggs See Riggs, George.
George Rogers See Rogers, George.
GI 64002 The license plate number of the Drake's armored car stolen by Gustave the Great. Adventure #261 (1959)
Ginny Tommy Leeds girlfriend, doesn't realize he looks exactly like Aquaman. Adventure #177 (1952)
Gooch Partner of Harms, together they created a fake sea-elephant by stiching the head of an elephant on the body of a whale. When Zeb Jones' mermaid takes away their business, they kidnap her, getting Aquaman involved. Adventure #110 (1946)
Goo-Goo Eyes A fish, species unknown, who lives in the deep but decided to visit the surface with Aquaman, and help him out on an adventure. Is known to say "Plop!" and "Flip!" More Fun #99 (1944)
Gold Coast A shoreline rich with resorts, yacht-basins, and rich homes. Raided by Black Jack while Aquaman was stuck underwater for a week. Adventure #138 (1949)
The Golden Gull After being kicked out of their lease, the new name of Bill and Jane Wallace's restaurant. Adventure #182 (1952)
Gordon A member of the Voyager Boat Club who is trying to smuggle jewels into the United States from England. His boat is the Rainbow. Adventure #105 (1946)
Gore, Capt A Coast Guard captain, of U.S.231. Adventure #187 (1953)
Gorman, Capt A Coast Guard captain who got inside information about some crooks looking to hire a strong swimmer, so he enlists Aquaman's help. Adventure #185 (1953)
Gottfried, Captain A Nazi spy headed to Murmansk until he runs into the crew of the Neva. More Fun #93 (1943)
Grable, Esther A movie star with whom Aquaman falls in love, an amalgam of Betty Grable and Esther Williams. Adventure #130 (1948)
Graf A prisoner on Convict Island who laughs at Yasom and is saved from a flogging by Aquaman. More Fun #82 (1942)
Grassell A scientist who has figured out how to mine uranium on the ocean floor. Adventure #106 (1946)
Great Deep A trench in the ocean that goes six miles underwater. Adventure #138 (1949)
Gregg, Cap'n A mailman to remote island in the Pacific, about to earn a charter for the route after a year of trail service. Adventure #131 (1948)
Grey King A sperm whale that helps Captain Harte twice in his life. Adventure #268 (1960)
Gropper, Ace A thug for hire. Adventure #171 (1951)
Gull Island A small island that Phineas Pike is stranded on while testing his new motorboat, unfortunately, Black Jack is also using the island as a hideout. Adventure #143 (1949)
Gunn A thug working for Ebenezer Rugg. More Fun #91 (1943)
Gustave The Great A circus animal trainer who wants a lot of money and an easy retirement. Adventure #261 (1959)