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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
J.B. The editor of the Daily Chronicle, who claims that the adventures Quentin Ward comes up with are too impossible for the comic strip. Adventure #145 (1949)
J. Oswald Sinker See Sinker, J. Oswald.
Jack Leach See Leach, Jack.
Jacques A fur trader who refuses to pay protection money to Joe Moxie. Adventure #195 (1953)
Jane Stone See Stone, Jane.
Jane Wallace See Wallace, Jane.
Jason A thug who sells a group of ignorant ranchers a plot of land underwater, claiming that there is a gold mine there. Adventure #173 (1952)
Jason Deeter See Deeter, Jason.
Jed Coombs See Coombs, Jed.
Jed Rowe See Rowe, Jed.
Jefferson, Thomas The President of the United States. Seen in a flashback. More Fun #83 (1942)
Jenkins, Dirk A gold smuggler. Adventure #188 (1953)
Jenkins, Sam A man demonstrating the latest one-man midget sub at a convention for divers. Adventure #218 (1955)
Jenkins, Tom Former owner of a Lagoon that was unusually rich in gold particles. Adventure #204 (1954)
Jenks, John Old friend of Aquaman's who owns an aquacade. Adventure #171 (1951)
Jensen, Brad A Coast Guard Academy graduate who is a friend of Aquaman's, who lands an assignment he's not happy about. Adventure #164 (1951)
Jerrod, Captain Captain of a ship that takes Doctor Coburn to Aquaman's headquarters. More Fun #84 (1942)
Jerry Higgins See Higgins, Jerry.
Jim A fireman who lost his nerve after dropping a man he was rescuing. Adventure #199 (1954)
Jim [2] Pilot of a plane trapped in seaweed that Aquaman helps to free. Adventure #255 (1958)
Jim Blake See Blake, Jim.
Jim Flood See Flood, Jim.
Jim Hale See Hale, Jim.
Jim Hall See Hall, Jim.
Jim Mason See Mason, Jim.
Jim Slade See Slade, Jim.
Jim Travis See Travis, Jim.
Jim Ward See Ward, Jim.
Jim White See White, Jim.
Jo A friend of Vera Hannay. Her boyfriend is a Naval Officer who helps Vera contact Aquaman. More Fun #83 (1942)
Jocylin Diamond Brooch A piece of jewelry worth a million dollars that Captain Verne was attempting to smuggle into the U.S. when he was forced to throw it overboard. Adventure #174 (1952)
Joe One of Captain Fleet's crew, a diver. Adventure #183 (1952)
Joe [2] The pilot of a plane which has engine problems and is forced to dump all cargo, including a chest of diamonds. Adventure #189 (1953)
Joe [3] A newspaper photographer assigned to Aquaman's Fish Preserve. Adventure #192 (1953)
Joe [4] One of the thugs who sends Aquaman into space in a stolen Navy rocket. Adventure #196 (1954)
Joe [5] A sailor trying out ice fishing. Adventure #213 (1955)
Joe [6] Also known as Charlie, a hijacker who Aquaman punches out. Adventure #217 (1955)
Joe [7] A thug who captures a flying fish to break up Aquaman's communications net. Adventure #227 (1956)
Joe Johnson See Johnson, Joe.
Joe Moxie See Moxie, Joe.
Joe Perp See Perp, Joe.
Joe Saturn See Saturn, Joe.
Johnny Blake See Blake, Johnny.
John, Captain A woodcarver who wants to donate to the Seamen's Charity Drive, but has nothing to contribute. Adventure #228 (1956)
John Cook See Cook, John.
John Hartley See Hartley, John.
Johnny Hartley See Hartley, Johnny.
John Jenks See Jenks, John.
John Paul Jones A hero of the American Revolution saved by Aquaman during his most famous battle. Adventure #121 (1947)
John Preston See Preston, John.
John Welky See Welky, John.
John Wilson See Wilson, John.
Johnson, Joe A thug hired by Brandon to sabotage Harvey Troy's movie. Adventure #201 (1954)
Johnson, Phil Mark Windham's bookkeeper, who wants Windham declared insane so he won't be caught embezzling money. Adventure #132 (1948)
Jolly Roger The name of Black Jack's pirate ship which he abandoned for a more modern ship, the Jolly Roger II. More Fun #89 (1943)
Jolly Roger II Black Jack's modern pirate ship. It has smoke bombs to create fake fog and slow victims down, a gasoline engine, various mechanical devices (including a mechanical lasso), and it can fly. More Fun #89 (1943)
Jones Doc Jones, a doctor that Henry offers to call when Aquaman is washed ashore near his lighthouse. Adventure #127 (1948)
Jones [2] A diver that Aquaman delivers mail to on the splash page. Adventure #215 (1955)
Jones [3] A customer along a milkman's route. Adventure #230 (1956)
Jones [4] A radio operator on a submarine. Adventure #243 (1957)
Jones, Juan Former chief of the International Port's Harbor Police, resigned his position when he failed to prove that Tim Weed was smuggling gold. Adventure #160 (1951)
Jones, Zeb A ship captain who thinks to make a bit of money by passing off his daughter as a mermaid. Adventure #110 (1946)
Joon The fictional country that the Rajah of Joon was from. More Fun #77 (1942)
J. P. Mortar See Mortar, J. P.
Jordan Van Mille See Van Mille, Jordan
Jorrocks Drew Carson's butler, attempts to sneak a disguised Aquaman onto Black Jack's ship. More Fun #83 (1942)
Joseph Lundgren See Lundgren, Joseph.
Juan Jones See Jones, Juan.
Jules Rogers See Rogers, Jules.
Jumbo One of Aquaman's whale friends. Adventure #125 (1948)
Jumbo [2] A misbehaving whale friend of Aquaman's who likes to tip boats over. Adventure #183 (1952)