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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
S.S.Mariner A ship carrying millions in gold bullion. Naturally, the target of thieves. Adventure #196 (1954)
S.S.Pelican See Pelican.
S.S.Pelican [2] A ship sunk by the iceberg of doom. Owned by Peter Porter. Adventure #236 (1957)
S.S.Piranha A ship sunk by the iceberg of doom. Owned by Peter Porter. Adventure #236 (1957)
S.S.Porgy A ship sunk by the iceberg of doom. Owned by Peter Porter. Adventure #236 (1957)
S.S.Porpoise A ship sunk by the iceberg of doom. Owned by Peter Porter. Adventure #236 (1957)
S.S.Van Dyke See Van Dyke.
S.S.Widdicomb A cargo ship carrying millions in gold bullion. Showcase #32 (May 1961)
Sailsbury, Ronald An orphaned young boy who is the focus of a custody battle because of the money he is due to inherit. He also has a favorite goldfish that has the initials RS on it through scale patterns. More Fun #104 (1945)
Sailsbury, Spencer The uncle of Ronald Sailsbury (who is due to inherit a huge fortune). Spencer wants control of Ronald's fortune. More Fun #104 (1945)
Sam Jenkins See Jenkins, Sam.
Sam, Skipper See Skipper Sam.
Samson, Captain A whaler, captain of the Mary B, who ignores an agreement to stop hunting an endangered species of whales, which gets the attention of Aquaman. Adventure #197 (1954)
Sanders, Chief Jim the Fireman's boss, who gets Aquaman's help in returning Jim's nerve. Adventure #199 (1954)
Sandy Desert The place where Aquaman goes for 24 hours after he can't touch water. Adventure #107 (1946)
San Salvador A freighter pirated by Turk Wheeler and his gang. It was carrying a million dollars worth of gold and gems. Adventure #192 (1953)
Santa Ann A ship carrying a cargo of liquid rubber. Adventure #254 (1958)
Santa Anna A ship that was hit by Lansing's pirates, and a chest of gems was stolen. Adventure #185 (1953)
Santa Anna [2] A smuggling ship shrunk by a size-reducing ray. Adventure #230 (1956)
Santa Anna [3] A ship carrying gold bullion that is the target of pirates using mines. Adventure #238 (1957)
Santa Anna [4] A ship carrying rare gems that is (of course) the target of pirates. Adventure #245 (1958)
Santa Anne The target of a pirate attack. Adventure #233 (1957)
Saturn, Joe A crime boss who uses missiles that look like shooting stars to attack ships. Adventure #119 (1947)
Saunders A crew member of Tom Preston, who witnessed the attack by Captain Dirk and was essential for proving Tom's innocence. Adventure #175 (1952)
Saunders, Seven Seas The name Aquaman takes when he gets amnesia from a depth charge explosion. Under this name, he's hired as a mess boy by Black Jack, who is fully aware of who Aquaman really is. Adventure #127 (1948)
Saw-Nose A swordfish who assisted in Aquaman's crime fighting. More Fun #99 (1944)
Saybrook A professor attempting to set a record for deep sea exploring, unfortunately, he learns too late that his crew is made up of Black Jack and his thugs. Adventure #125 (1948)
Scatterbee A customer of Mr. Bingley who is about to buy eroding beachfront property until Octy scares him away. More Fun #101 (1945)
Science Academy A national academy for science that accuses George Rogers of stealing scientific instruments. Adventure #209 (1955)
Scuttle, Dirk A harbor pirate who doused Aquaman with a chemical that makes him "allergic" to water for a few days. Adventure #152 (1950)
Sea The name of the planet that Aquaman lands on... the oceans are made of earth and the land is made of water. Adventure #196 (1954)
Sea Chase A TV program featuring sea adventurers Jim and Ted Flood. Adventure #280 (Jan 1961)
Sea-Fortress Aquaman's home, a temple in the ancient city his father discovered that is kept free from water and filled with his possessions. More Fun #75 (1942)
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Sea Siren An underwater signal device used by seals to warn Aquaman of disasters. Adventure #236 (1957)
Sea Sleuth See Pike, Phineas.
Seal Island A sanctuary for seals protected by the government and Aquaman. More Fun #85 (1942)
The Seaman An alien who needs Aquaman's assistance to recover his spaceship. Adventure #222 (1956)
Seaside Theater A movie house owned by Ambrose Weems. Adventure #186 (1953)
Secret Seven Gang A group of seven Japanese who are robbing the Americans in Manila. Adventure #111 (1946)
Senator Burton See Burton, Senator
Sender, Steve A young man who wants to become like Aquaman after seeing him perform, and is given three tasks by Aquaman and a difficult choice. Adventure #162 (1951)
Serapis The British Man-o-War captured by John Paul Jones. Adventure #121 (1947)
Seven Seas Fishing Co A fishing corporation in a town where Aquaman ends up after getting amnesia from a depth charge explosion. Aquaman takes his name from the company. Adventure #127 (1948)
Seven Seas Saunders See Saunders, Seven Seas.
Seven Sisters A Yankee Clipper launched in 1878, upgraded before WWII, and used as a freighter during the war. Aquaman was familiar with the ship. More Fun #92 (1943)
Shark Barton See Barton, Shark.
Shark Norton A sea pirate frightened of facing Aquaman again. Adventure #267 (1959)
Shark Temple A temple on Pearl Island. Basically a cave with two entrances, one on land and one by sea. The sea entrance is guarded by the Shark-Devil of the Temple, a large shark that eats all who attempt to enter the temple by the sea route. More Fun #75 (1942)
Shark Wilson See Wilson, Shark.
Sharkey Captain Mohab's "toadying" first mate. Adventure #133 (1948)
Sharkie A shark who attacks Roger Curtis and is chewed out by Aquaman. Adventure #241 (1957)
Sharky A thug who works with Black Jack and bears a strong resemblance to Aquaman. With make-up and a costume, he easily passes as Aquaman. Adventure #141 (1949)
Sharpnose Aquaman's nickname for a swordfish friend. Adventure #103 (1946)
Shay, Captain The captain of a pearl-fishing boat targeted by Spanner and his gang, but happily guarded by Aquaman. Adventure #177 (1952)
Shrudlu An alien trying to put Aquaman in an Aquarium on Pluto. Adventure #234 (1957)
Silas Flint See Flint, Silas.
Silver Queen A freighter that Willie Desmond claims to be the captain of in order to lure Aquaman away. Adventure #180 (1952)
Simon Drago See Drago, Simon.
Simpson Ambrose Weems' lackey. Adventure #186 (1953)
Sinker, J. Oswald A man creating an A-B-C book of the Sea. Also the author of the A-B-C of Animals, the A-B-C of Birds, and the A-B-C of Stars. Adventure #240 (1957)
Skipper Sam The owner of a tugboat that hauls amusement park stuff to an island. Adventure #219 (1955)
Skol Partner of Captain Jerrod, kills Coburn and is later threatened by Jerrod. More Fun #84 (1942)
Skover, Captain Captain of a salvage ship. He sank the Petrel, which was carrying the crown jewels of three countries to America for safe-keeping during the War, in order to steal the jewels during the salvage operation. More Fun #76 (1942)
Skull, Captain A villain that Aquaman caught in 1947. Adventure #158 (1950)
Sky Chief A boat upon which John Jenks' aquacade girls are due to arrive. Adventure #171 (1951)
Slade, Jim An incredible swimmer who wins Seaman of the Year award, much to Aquaman's apparent disgust. Adventure #226 (1956)
Slinky A seal friend of Aquaman, part of his Sea Police. His trick is to put seaweed in the propellers of speeding boats. Adventure #264 (1959)
Slippery An eel friend of Aquaman. He is NOT an electric eel. More Fun #89 (1943)
Slug A thug working for Nazi spies who disables a lighthouse. Adventure #108 (1946)
Slugger One of Duke Flarer's thugs. More Fun #99 (1944)
Smith The Presiden of Pariversal Pix. More Fun #86 (1942)
Smith, Mark A thief who stole $50,000 and then apparently committed suicide by drowning. Adventure #126 (1948)
Smugglers, Incorporated An international smuggling ring that attempts to destroy Aquaman and Aqualad on their swim around the world. Adventure #273 (Jun 1960)
Snark, Professor Enos A brilliant but malevolent scientist. Adventure #284 (May 1961)
Snatch Uzell See Uzell, Snatch.
South E.H.South owns the E.H.South Gen'l Store in Mizzoo Center. Adventure #136 (1949)
Spanner The leader of a gang who want to steal from pearl-fishing boats. Adventure #177 (1952)
Spearnoses Aquaman's nickname for swordfish friends. Adventure #103 (1946)
Spencer Sailsbury See Sailsbury, Spencer.
Spike [1] A thug who intends to sell a load of mercury to the Nazis by taking over the Seven Sisters. More Fun #92 (1943)
Spike [2] One of Black Jack's thugs who dresses as a shark and attacks Aquaman. Adventure #114 (1947)
Sponsler Nicknamed "Steal-a-Million" Sponsler, this suave con man set up a front to steal inventions from inventors. More Fun #98 (1944)
Squill, Professor A scientist doing a survey on a new species of fish. Adventure #104 (1946)
S.S.Dolphin Captain Verne's ship that supposedly hit Black Beauty's son, sparking a whale-revenge spree. Adventure #174 (1952)
Star City Green Arrow's stomping grounds. Adventure #267 (1959)
Stark, Professor A professor of medicine who wants a sample of sea plants to experiment on. Adventure #187 (1953)
Stark Island An island in Aquaman's Fish Preserve where Turk Wheeler hid. Adventure #192 (1953)
Station Neptune A TV station broadcasting an undersea variety show. Adventure #214 (1955)
Steve Sender See Sender, Steve.
Stillar A captain who has the bright idea of blackmailing Aquaman to get him to gather treasures. Adventure #167 (1951)
Stone The producer of "You Saw It Happen!" who gets Aquaman to assist with some aquatic stories. Adventure #235 (1957)
Stone, Jane Dressed as a mermaid named Thetis when Phil Johnson threatened her family. Her job was to make Mark Windham think he was going insane. Adventure #132 (1948)
Stumpy Henry See Henry, Stumpy.
Supersea Aquacade The aquacade owned by Bull Tate. Adventure #171 (1951)
Surrat A swimmer in the big Swimming Marathon that both George Riggs and Humber participated in. Appears to have come in second or third. More Fun #81 (1942)
Swanson Communication officer or mate on a ship captained by Broome and rammed by Moby Dick II. Adventure #213 (1955)
Swanson [2] A scientist who gets a whiff of a dangerous new chemical and goes temporarily insane. Adventure #237 (1957)
Swordfish Sam A Manila-based swordfish who assists Aquaman. Adventure #111 (1946)
Swordsy Aquaman's nickname for a swordfish friend. Adventure #103 (1946)