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Name Description 1st App in Aquaman
The A-B-C of the Sea A book by J. Oswald Sinker and Aquaman. Adventure #240 (1957)
Ace Gropper See Gropper, Ace.
Ace Trucking A trucking company operating in Valdez, Mexico. Adventure #228 (1956)
Adams A prisoner on Convict Island who defies Yascom and is nearly killed for his defiance. Aquaman rescues him and he helps Aquaman restore the island to friendly hands. More Fun #82 (1942)
Adams, Lieutenant Member of the crew of the ill-fated US Destroyer Pickett, who is saved by Aquaman. More Fun #79 (1942)
Admiral Benbow See Benbow, Admiral.
Admiral Brunt See Brunt, Admiral.
Admiral Duko A crime boss who comes up with a new slant on how to commit piracy without getting into as much trouble. Adventure #194 (1953)
Admiral Hanley See Hanley, Admiral.
Admiral Wallace See Wallace, Admiral.
Adventure II A boat carrying careless picnickers of New Venice who get back their litter. Adventure #264 (1959)
Aerial Police The police of the year 6,958. Adventure #251 (1958)
Agent X-6 A person watching Aquaman and Aqualad's progress as they swim around the world. Adventure #273 (Jun 1960)
Agent X-22 See X-22.
Al A thug associate of Tim Weed who tarnishes freshly minted coins to make them look ancient. Adventure #160 (1951)
Al's Adventures A realistic comic strip that appears in the Daily Chronicle and features Al having a series of adventures, including one in which he hitch-hikes around the world. Adventure #145 (1949)
Alan Doktor See Doktor, Alan.
Alicia The greedy niece of Archibald who wanted his treasure and so followed him to Penguin Island. More Fun #97 (1944)
Alma A backseat driving women in a boat named after her who hounds her poor husband Horace. Adventure #191 (1953)
Alvorado A doctor working on ultrasonic waves. More Fun #102 (1945)
Ambrose Weems See Weems, Ambrose.
Amy The female lead of Harvey Troy's movie. Has to be rescued by Aquaman because she can't swim. Adventure #201 (1954)
Andrews, Dean The dean of the College of Marine Arts. Adventure #158 (1950)
Angelo Caesar See Caesar, Angelo.
Ann Collins See Collins, Ann.
Annabelle A ship carrying gold bullion that's targeted by thieves. Adventure #183 (1952)
Annie The name of the boat of a group of hijackers. Adventure #227 (1956)
AQ-2X40 The callsign for Aquaman's underwater bank. Adventure #180 (1952)
Aqua Patria An undersea valley rich in copper and teeming with prehistoric-like sea life. Adventure #137 (1949)
Aqua-Doll A radio-controlled Aquaman action figure that can duplicate most of Aquaman's feats. Adventure #208 (1954)
Aquacave A home prepared by Aqualad for Aquaman and Aqualad to share. See Also Sea-Fortress. Adventure #270 (Mar 1960)
Aquagirl [1] See Morel, Lisa.
Aqualad [1] A young boy from Atlantis with purple eyes who is afraid of fish. Adventure #269 (Feb 1960)
Aquaman [1] Water-based hero, son of a well-known undersea explorer who discovered a sunken city which he thought was Atlantis and was able to teach his son to live under the water using the secrets of the lost city. More Fun #73 (1941)
Aquaman [2] Water-based hero, son of an exiled Atlantean and a lighthouse keeper. Adventure #229 (1956)
Aquaman [Ship] A rescue ship owned by Captain Wakely and equipped with all the latest gadgets for helping people at sea. Adventure #239 (1957)
Aqua-Melvin An annoying clown with the powers of Aquaman, thanks to a blood transfusion. Adventure #242 (1957)
Archibald A rich man trying to get away from his greedy and annoying nephews and niece. More Fun #97 (1944)
Archibald Kenyon See Kenyon, Archibald.
Arid Island An arid island that Aquaman and Aqualad must cross during their journey around the world in 80 hours. Adventure #273 (Jun 1960)
Ark the Sea Lion Aquaman's first named ally, a young sea lion when he first appears, we eventually meet his son. More Fun #84 (1942)
Arthur Curry See Curry, Arthur.
Arvy Rush See Rush, Arvy.
Atlanna (Curry) A mysterious woman who washed up to Tom Curry's lighthouse during a hurricane, then became his wife and gave birth to Arthur Curry. She later revealed that she was from Atlantis. Adventure #260 (1959)
Atlantean Temple See Sea Fortress.
Atlantica A city/state in the year 6,958. Adventure #251 (1958)
Atlantis [1] The ruined city that Aquaman's father discovered, which he believed was Atlantis. Using knowledge gleaned from this city, he taught Aquaman how to exist under water. More Fun #73 (1941)
Atlantis [2] A colony of the original Atlantis, established by survivors of the disaster. Led by the inventor Milo, who created the giant bell jar in which they live. These Atlanteans breathe air, not water. They are completely isolated from the outside world until Aquaman finds them. Aquaman gives them a taste of the surface world, but then convinces them that they are safer in their underwater home. More Fun #87 (1943)
Atlantis [3] The undersea city from which Atlanna was exiled because she attempted to visit the surface world. Adventure #260 (1959)
Attractornator A device that is smuggled into a target and then attracts missiles to it. Adventure #211 (1955)
Augustus The Roman emperor who gave the family Drago ownership of all the seas of the world, according to Simon Drago. Adventure #139 (1949)
Avenger The ship of Captain Dirk. Adventure #175 (1952)