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Dave's Aquaman Rants

Those of you who read Usenet will recognize the works of Dave Van Domelen, best know for "Dave's Timed Release Capsules" and "Dave's Rants." With his permission, I've reprinted here as many of his Aquaman reviews as I could find via DejaNews, and in my own files. Most reviews come complete with the Capsule and Award that Dave gave it that week, though I wasn't always able to find those.

You might find some of these reviews disjointed, though that isn't intentional on Dave's part. Each Rant was originally part of a larger file, usually 3-6 comics reviewed at once. Sometimes the rants refer to each other, so you may miss a reference by not having the full file available here. There is a solution, however, as Dave keeps a year's supply of Rants on his own web page ("Old Rants and Capsules can be found on my homepage, under the Writings link") so you can check out how the Aquaman rant fits in. Older rants can often be found via DejaNews.

All reviews copyright 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 by Dave Van Domelen.