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20 August 1997

Aquaman #37: Decent main story, but somewhat weakened by inattention to past events (less than a year ago). Mildly recommended. $1.75/$2.50Cn

"Sidekick Meets Topkick" Award to Aquaman #37

Dave's DC Rant: Aquaman #37

"Why Ask Why?"

Cover of Aquaman #37

Aquaman "One Demon Life": Chalk up another very inaccurate solicitation in Previews. }-> The main plot is about a Parademon gaining self-awareness and perhaps a bit of a soul, asking the important question of "Why?" PAD tries to say this is the first Parademon ever to have done so, but it's not (Mike the Parademon is at least one who beat 3G4 to the punch, back in Total Justice). Oh, and it rips off Hugh the (Reviewer is immediately buried in ten tons of copies of "Vendetta" and set on fire). Ow.

In the main subplot, Garth is rather redeemed in the eyes of the reader. He's not some cad who would make time with his friend's lover...at least not knowingly. He thought Arthur and Dolphin were just friends, so he didn't feel any (or much) guilt about kissing her. And she thought he *did* know, so she felt less guilt as well, telling herself she was just following the lead of someone from Arthur's world (she *is* a bit of an innocent in social matters, after all). Oops.

In the other subplot, Vulko explains a bit of why he's so snarky regarding Arthur now...empty nest syndrome, in a way. Arthur no longer needs his advice, yet Vulko still needs to advise. In that way, Vulko is a lot like Dolphin (if not as attractive)...both of them need for someone to need them, and now that Arthur has become the king in fact that he has been in name, they don't think he needs them anymore, and have drifted off. Each seeking a "son" of Arthur's to fill the gap in their lives.

by Dave Van Domelen, "I'm wearing one of his old shirts! Didn't *that* tell you something?" "I lent Robin a bathing suit once. Didn't mean we were lovers." - Dolphin and Tempest