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4 May 1995

Aquaman #10: Good Calafiore art, good PAD story aside from a plot hole you could drop Atlantis through. Recommended. Not Shiny. $1.75/$2.50Cn/#1.25UK

"He's Dumb, But Not THAT Dumb" Award to Aquaman #10's Kyle Rayner

Dave's DC Rant: Aquaman #10

Cover of Aquaman #10

Aquaman: Well, I was going to start off with a play by play like I normally do, but a rather major question just hit me a minute ago so I'll lead off with it. How the heck does Aquaman get Kyle's ring away? The pivotal point in the fight scene is that Arthur's cyberhook snags the ring off Kyle's hand while underwater...glub. Is Kyle's ring-generated aura that weak, or did PAD forget the ring's not vulnerable to yellow anymore? After all, Kyle has an aura up to keep his air in and you'd think that while tussling with a shark that he admits to himself scares the crap outta him he'd have more defenses up.

Sigh. Anyway, it's a good issue if you ignore that flaming plot hole. The premise is fairly simple: the Old One, legendary elder of the sharks, is dying. Kron One-Eye is defending him so that he may die properly and not get nailed by jerkweed human divers. The shark attacks get in the news and Kyle decides to play hero and kill the shark. Arthur is notified by the kelpvine and manages to beat some sense into Kyle with Kron's help.

In other plots, Arthur dreams of Atlantis rising (no not the Marvel crossover series with maximum cover enhancement) and is given to believe that it was a prophetic dream. A smug dolphin tells him this. }-> Arthur also meets an older version of himself in the dream, one who seems to have two hands. Elsewhere, the King tries to assassinate Koryak, but is foiled by a convenient earthquake which drops a boulder on him. Kory decides to let him die from it, rather than let him live to face the shame of trial for attempted murder. Of course, Kory also seems to fancy himself King now....

Also, at the end the Old One tries to warn Arthur of something, but with his sievelike Shark memory he forgets what it was. Oops.

by Dave Van Domelen