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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Aquaman is mentioned in Evil Inc (thanks for the report, Joe):

Evil Inc

Aquaman himself appeared in the strip last year bringing a glass of water to his child. Heh.

Listen to Aquaman's Lament at Mark Aaron James' website.

Top 50 DC Characters, Aquaman in at #30.

Justice League Movie gets a director. I still haven't heard confirmation that Aquaman will be in it.

If you want to get an MP3 of "Crank Dat Aquaman", there's at least one version available on SoundClick. Warning: NSFW lyrics. I've started searching the site for other Aquaman songs, but haven't found much worth listening to.

Ah, sunken cities, that's right up my alley! In some ways, this story reminds me of Adventure #223, in which a sunken city is found that isn't a city... just looks like it.

Discovering sea turtles lost years.

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Monday, August 27, 2007


Aquaman Shrine Interview with Jim Calafiore.

Mercy Reef HeroClix Map.

Curry Bear posts some new club dances named after superheroes, including an Aquaman one. If anyone has a better copy of that song, please let me know.

More on the JLA Movie Rumors, including the "news" that motion capture CGI will only be used for certain scenes, particularly underwater ones.

Marine Life Series: How Gills Work, Deep-Sea Anglerfish, The Blue Whale, and Tropical Strays, A Photo Essay.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

JLA Classified #26

Aquaman in JLA Classified

Nice use of the Waterbearer Aquaman, presumably this fits in just after Veitch's run and before he changed back into his old costume. He was at loose ends during that time, so JLA activity is probably a good fit. (SPOILER)I think his comments on not messing with nations fit Arthur as King, as he'd hardly want the Justice League to interfere with Atlantis when he ruled it.(END SPOILER) A nice little set-up story. Go read it.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aquaman and Tempest Removed from JLA #1 Cover

It wasn't just my imagination. Both of them got booted in favor of other characters, but they aren't the only ones...

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Aquaman Spin-Off?

I don't like spreading completely unfounded rumors, but this one has enough sources to accept as more than the garden variety rumor.

The ratings for Aquaman's appearance on Smallville were very good, leading to speculation that Aquaman was in the works for his own spin-off. As it turns out, the rumors are true. An Aquaman spin-off is in the works. Whether or not the spin-off will ever make it to the screen is a different question, though, as at any given time there are thousands of projects in the works.

Adding fuel to the fire is the report that the producers of Justice League Unlimited were told not to use Aquaman this season. That's standard business when a project is in the works, and does not mean that the project will ever get made.

As an added note, this project has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the storyline on Entourage, and HBO show

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