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Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Links

Tempest returns in Titans #15. Well, it seems I got my wish with regards to Dolphin.

Blackest Night Aquaman:

Image of Blackest Night Aquaman

If you aren't reading The Aquaman Shrine daily, you are missing a lot. Rob tends to scoop me on just about every story because I'm blogging very infrequently lately.

More Aquaman reflections from The Comic Treadmill.

The webcomic Sheldon mentions Aquaman then clarifies a little.

Kurt Busiek has a website.

More on Mermaids.

I don't really understand why Spain would have a claim to this recovered gold. And speaking of underwater treasure, look at this rock heist that stole $1 million from an underwater farm.

In another story right out of an Aquaman tale, Mexico is looking for a missing island. The reason is logical, they want the territory the island would give them. But you have to wonder where the island went, if it ever existed in the first place.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Aquaman Sightings

Although I knew about both these sightings, Hugo reminded me to post about them (Thanks Hugo, another shell for you!).

First up, in DC 52 Week 35, Lorena appears as a part of the Teen Titans, helping out in the hospital after the Fall. She's with Plastic Man's son, Offspring.

Lorena with Plas and Offspring

More recently, in DC 52 Week 39, Aquaman himself apparently appears. I say apparently because it's never specifically stated that he's Aquaman, as whatever has happened to Aquaman is already well on its way to finishing. If it is Aquaman, the transformation to half-magic water isn't done, as you can see his full face.

Aquaman with Ralph and the Helmet of Fate

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