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Super Friends 2010

Super Friends 21


The Queen of Fables sets Aquaman against Dakuwaqa, the Shark God.

Super Friends 22


Super Friends 23


Super Friends 24


Super Friends 25


Super Friends 26


Super Friends 27


Super Friends 28


Super Friends 29



Justice League 2011

Justice League 1

Standard cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Writer: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover Date: Nov 2011
  • Preview
  • Aquaman Grade 5

Aquaman shows up on the cover in this issue. He is also on all of the variant covers, including multiple printing and sketch variants. His character is not introduced in the story in this issue, which tells a new version of the forming of the team. Aquaman also appears in the sketchbook in the back of the book.

  • Title: Justice League Part One

This book is set "five years ago".

As Batman is chasing a strange creature that shoots fire from its mouth around Gotham, he is joined by Green Lantern. GL is unimpressed by Batman's lack of powers, but is still outsmarted by the detective. The two chase the creature into the sewers and collect a box that it was planting, after it incinerates itself.

Realizing that the thing is extraterrestrial in origin, the pair head to Metropolis to visit Superman and find out what's happening.

They pass over a football game on their way, where Victor Stone is impressing scouts with his talents but wants his absent father to see his game.

Once in Metropolis, GL and Batman meet Superman, who apparently was in the middle of a battle when they arrived and isn't impressed by GL's casual attitude.

Justice League 2

Variant cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
  • Writer: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover Date: Dec 2011
  • Preview
  • Aquaman Grade 5

Aquaman is only on the variant cover. The main cover features Superman and Batman battling under the light of Green Lantern.

  • Justice League Part Two

In Central City, the entire police force including Barry Allen are tasked with finding out who The Flash is, leaving other cases unfinished.

In Metropolis, Batman and Superman have the traditional first-meeting fight. Superman had also been fighting a creature. Because Batman has the box planted by the creature, Superman assumes Batman is involved in the attack. GL rescues Batman from Superman, but Superman is too powerful for the pair of them so GL calls his buddy, The Flash.

Flash arrives and stops Superman from taking out GL and Batman, then cleans up the area once Batman gets everyone to stop fighting. The military arrives to take on the superheroes, who retreat. But Batman is concerned because there may be more boxes planted by creatures.

Sure enough, at S.T.A.R. labs in Detroit, Victor Stone's father is researching a box recovered in Metropolis. Victor arrives to find out why his father wasn't at his game, and Silas Stone dismisses football and Victor's joy in life.

The superheroes try to work together to figure out what the boxes are, but they activate, spewing forth parademons, both against the heroes and at S.T.A.R. labs, where Victor is seriously injured by a blast when the creatures arrive.


Justice League 2012

Justice League 3

Variant cover by Greg Capullo
  • Writer: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover Date: Jan 2012
  • Preview
  • Aquaman Grade 3

The regular cover features Wonder Woman. Aquaman only shows up on the variant cover.

Aquaman appears in the final splash page to tell the rest of the future-leaguers that the parademons are also in the water.

The supplementary material in the back includes the cover and a few pages of "The Secret History of Atlantis" by David Graves.

  • Title: Justice League Part Three

In Washington D.C., Wonder Woman is having trouble adjusting to the regular world. She hears about a winged creature on television, and goes to find it, terrifying many people. Steve Trevor finds her just as the box goes off in that city. She jumps to attack the parademons.

At S.T.A.R. labs, the parademons carry off scientists, including Professor Ivo, while Silas Stone grieves for his son. Then he enlists Thomas Morrow to help him save Victor using alien technology.

The heroes battle the parademons in Metropolis. The parademons are taking people, not killing them. Wonder Woman arrives to help the others and says she followed the creatures to the city. Batman realizes they are gathering.

Meanwhile, Victor Stone is merging with alien tech, and sees a vision of Darkseid.

An alien machine comes out of the water, then Aquaman follows it and asks the other heroes what is happening and who is in charge. He suggests he take command.

Justice League 4

Jim Lee and Scott Williams
Variant Cover by Andy Kubert
  • Writer: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover Date: Feb 2012
  • Preview

Justice League 5

Variant Cover by Eric Basaldua

Justice League 6

JusticeLeague 006.jpg

Justice League 7

Variant Cover by Gary Frank

Justice League 8

JusticeLeague 008.jpg

Justice League 9

JusticeLeague 009.jpg

Justice League 10

JusticeLeague 010.jpg

Justice League 11

Variant Cover by Bryan Hitch

Justice League 12

Variant cover

Justice League 0

JusticeLeague 000.jpg

Not only is Aquaman not in this issue, he's not in the published cover either, just in the Preview cover. None of the Justice League appear in this issue, which was entirely devoted to the back-up feature.

Justice League 13

Variant Cover by Cameron Stewart


Justice League 2013

Justice League 14

Throne of Atlantis Crossover

Justice League 18

JusticeLeague 018.jpg

Justice League 19

JusticeLeague 019.jpg

Justice League 20

JusticeLeague 020.jpg

Justice League 21

Justice League 22

Justice League 23

Justice League 24


Justice League 2014

Justice League 25

Justice League 26

Justice League 27

Variant cover

Justice League 28

Justice League 29

Variant cover

Justice League 30


Justice League 31

Justice League 32


Justice League 33

Justice League 34

Justice League 35


Justice League 2015

Justice League 36


Justice League 37


Justice League 38


Justice League 39

Justice League 40


Justice League: Convergence

see Convergence

Justice League 41

Justice League of America 2015

Justice League of America: Convergence

see Convergence

Justice League of America 1