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The Aquaman Website

This website is designed to be a collection of information about Aquaman and his universe. The goal is to be the most complete resource for Aquaman fans on the internet.

This FAQ is only editable by registered and approved users, it is NOT a standard Wiki. To become an approved user, contact Tegan by leaving a comment on the blog. You will be asked to prove you have the chops by posting sightings in the Talk:Sightings page or sample articles in the Playpen area. Due to extreme spamming, account creation will be by request only.

For information on how to edit a page, visit Wikipedia's Guide to Editing Pages.


Many thanks to Leah Adezio, Jerry Bails, Robert Beerbohm, John Bullough, Loki Carbis, Mike Carlin, Jarod Cates, John Coates, Nathan Chattaway, Daria, Zack DeLong, Steve De Young, Richard Duncan, Lynnae Dunham, Chris Eliopoulos, Michael Eury, Paige Gifford, Eric Gjovaag, Michael E. Grost, Andy Hamerlinck, Jeff Harvey, Wallace McBride, Scott McCullar, Lou Mougin, Ookla The Mok, Elayne Riggs, Dale J. Roberts, Joel Ruiz, Juan Santana, John Schwirian, Howard Shum, Bill Wormstedt, Rodrigo Mariath Zeidan, and everyone on the Aquaman mailing list and the Grand Comics Database mailing list for their suggestions and additions to this page. If I've left you out, please feel free to thwack me with a fish.

This page would be nothing without the contributions others have made to it. I thank them for making this page an interesting place to visit, and hopefully an informative and useful one too.

A special thanks to Ryan Schmidt for his help in setting up the wiki.