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Current Status of Major Characters

  • Aquaman has his own series.
  • Mera is with Aquaman in his new series.
  • Vulko has appeared in the current Aquaman series.
  • Atlantis is currently ruled by Aquaman after Orm attacked the surface.
  • Garth (Tempest/Aqualad) was mentioned in the current Aquaman series, but he may not become Aqualad due to Orm's intervention.
  • Orm was imprisoned after Atlantis invaded the surface, then freed during the Forever Evil event. He lived with a surfacer woman.
  • Black Manta is involved in the Forever Evil event.



Alternate Aquamen

  • Emperor Aquaman
  • Aquaduck (Member of Justa Lotta Animals)
  • Earth-11 Aquawoman
  • Aquawoman of Earth-2 (New 52)

Supporting Characters



  • Ark - Aquaman's sea lion (sometimes seal) friend (Golden Age).
  • Sea Sleuth - A detective who sometimes helps Aquaman (Golden Age).
  • Topo - Aquaman's reliable ally.
  • Vulko - Aquaman's mentor, leader and scientist in Atlantis.
  • Tula - A friend of Aqualad who became Aquagirl and died in the Crisis.
  • Cal Durham - A former lackey of Black Manta turned ally, helped to control the situation in Sub-Diego.
  • Lorena - A woman caught in the Sub-Diego disaster, losing her entire family and all her friends, who became Aquagirl and joined the Titans.
  • Aqualad 2 - A bored young man from New Mexico whose parentage has been kept secret to protect him.
  • King Shark - A sometime enemy who hates the original Aquaman but helps out Joseph.
  • Topo 2 - An ally of Joseph.
  • Lady of the Lake - Go read your British mythology!
  • Rodunn - Atlantean warrior.
  • The Others


  • Black Jack - Aquaman's recurring foe during the Golden Age.
  • Ocean Master - Aquaman's half-brother. Considers Aquaman his rival, but does not have the power or smarts to back it up.
  • Black Manta - Aquaman's worst enemy, killed Aquaman's son.
  • Charybdis - A mercenary whose failures led to experiments, and to the loss of Aquaman's hand.
  • Clownfish
  • Narwhal