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Art by Nick Cardy
First appearance Aquaman #11 (S/O 1963)
Spouse Aquaman
Child(ren) Arthur, Jr (deceased)
Homeland Xebel
Abilities Can control water, turning it into solid tools
Weaknesses Lead

Mera is Aquaman's wife and friend. She is a beautiful redhead with the ability to control water, forming it into weapons or tools as needed. Her parents have never been seen, but a sister has appeared in both the Silver Age and during the Brightest Day.

The Silver Age

Mera is a queen from another dimension, and was sent to Aquaman's world by the scientist Xebel after the pretender to the throne, Leron, attacks her castle. Aquaman, Aqualad and Quisp help her defeat Leron and she safely returns to her people, only to visit Aquaman regularly, and even have Aquaman visit her in her dimension. Eventually Xebel's machine burns out and Mera chooses to stay with Aquaman. The two were married when Aquaman made her a citizen of Atlantis.

Mera's friends and even a family member visited from Xebel. Her twin sister Hila appeared and masqueraded as Mera in one story. In another tale, her friends rampaged through Atlantis and imprisoned and sold the people after drugging Mera.

Brightest Day

Mera's origin changed in Brightest Day when it was revealed that Xebel was actually a prison located in the Bermuda Triangle, and that Mera was sent to kill Aquaman.