The Others

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The Others
Art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
First appearance Aquaman #7 (May 2012)
Enemies Black Manta
Abilities Various natural abilities, augmented by Atlantean artifacts

The Others were a team that Aquaman formed or joined soon after his father's death. They were linked by the need to protect Atlantean artifacts that had fallen into their hands.

The team:

  • Arthur (Aquaman) - Trident
  • Prisoner of War (Dominick Torrez) - Manacles of Force

He is haunted by the spirits of soldiers who have died around him, and can gain their abilities to augment his own.

He wears the Manacles, which can generate a shield around him and an area near him when he slams them together.

Named ghosts: Paul Antonson, Louis, Atonson, Weiss, Billings

  • Ya'wara - Globe of Transportation

She controls the Globe (or Orb), which can instantly transport its owner, along with other people or objects, anywhere in the world. She wears it like a necklace. She controls it's powers through voice and thought.

  • The Operative (Joshua Cole) - Atlantean Key
  • Sky Alchesay - Seal of Clarity

Already able to access the ghost lands, she takes possession of the seal after Kahina's death.

  • Kahina the Seer - Seal of Clarity

An original member of The Others, she is killed by Black Manta.

  • Vostok-X - Mask

Vostok was raised in a solitary chamber outside of the Baikonur Cosmodrome and taught to thrive on isolation. He was intended to be the Soviet Union's ideal cosmonaut. When the U.S.S.R. broke apart, he fled into the mountains until Aquaman and the Others found him. Was killed by Black Manta.