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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Aquaman Sightings

Although I knew about both these sightings, Hugo reminded me to post about them (Thanks Hugo, another shell for you!).

First up, in DC 52 Week 35, Lorena appears as a part of the Teen Titans, helping out in the hospital after the Fall. She's with Plastic Man's son, Offspring.

Lorena with Plas and Offspring

More recently, in DC 52 Week 39, Aquaman himself apparently appears. I say apparently because it's never specifically stated that he's Aquaman, as whatever has happened to Aquaman is already well on its way to finishing. If it is Aquaman, the transformation to half-magic water isn't done, as you can see his full face.

Aquaman with Ralph and the Helmet of Fate

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Aqua-Character Sighting...

In Teen Titans #34, the first One Year Later issue, we get a single panel of Lorena as Aquagirl, arguing with Hawk. It's impossible to say when this panel took place, but it must have happened sometime in the missing year.

Lorena in Titans
Hawk: " c'n swim under-water like Aquaman but you can't talk to fish? We need kids with real power like Zatara and Miss Martian!"
Lorena: "Real power? What's yours birdie? I mean besides whining?"
Hawk: "Birdies eat fish. You know that, right?"
If you want to read the rest, go buy the book.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Kurt's Words

Another interview with Kurt Busiek. A key quote:
Lorena, the current unofficial Aquagirl, is the one who saw it all, so she'll have to come back and fill the rest of us in...

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