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For full previews, please visit The Previews Page or the month-by-month previews. Complete DC Solicits are available at Comic Book Resources, Newsarama and Comics Continuum.


Aquaman #48

  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Art: Vicente Cifuentes and John Dell
  • Cover: Brett Booth and Rob Hunter
  • Variant Cover: Andy Kuhn (coloring book variant)
  • Cover Date: Mar 2016
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0175
  • Variant Cover Order Code: NOV15 0176
  • Release Date: 27 Jan 2016

The massive conclusion to Arthur Curry's exile from Atlantis is here! Can Mera escape from her treacherous sister, Siren? Will the other-dimensional refugees of Thule be rescued?

Aquaman #48 Summary Page

Other Aquaman Appearances

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #14

  • Writer: Sholly Fisch
  • Art: Dario Brizuela
  • Cover: Dario Brizuela
  • Cover Date: Mar 2016
  • 32 pages, $2.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0258
  • Release Date: 27 Jan 2016

The surface world is threatened by an ancient menace from beneath the sea! This looks like a job for Scuba-Doo! Aquaman, Scooby and the gang will have to descend to the depths to unravel the mystery on the ocean floor. But are the supernatural creatures real, or is it just a scheme to conquer the undersea kingdom of Atlantis?

Justice League

Justice League

Justice League #48

  • Writer: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Jason Fabok
  • Cover: Jason Fabok
  • Variant Cover: Scott Kolins
  • Cover Date: Mar 2016
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0171
  • Variant Cover Order Code: NOV15 0172
  • Release Date: 20 Jan 2016

The epic "Darkseid War" continues as the League is forced to unite with their evil counterparts, the Crime Syndicate, to defeat the nigh-omnipotent Anti-Monitor! Plus, what is the terrible secret behind Superwoman’s newborn child?

Justice League Summary Page

Justice League of America

Justice League of America #7

JLA 2015 07.jpg
  • Writer: Bryan Hitch
  • Art: Bryan Hitch and Daniel Henriques
  • Cover: Bryan Hitch
  • Variant Cover: Cully Hamner
  • Cover Date: Mar 2016
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0173
  • Variant Cover Order Code: NOV15 0174
  • Release Date: 27 Jan 2016
  • RESOLICITED (with a different variant cover) All previous orders are cancelled.

The devastating climax of last issue has the League scrambling for revenge! Only problem is, they'll need to get through millions of super-powered Kryptonians to get it!

Other Aqua-character Appearances

Aqualad (Garth)

Titans Hunt #4

  • Writer: Dan Abnett
  • Art: Paulo Siquiera
  • Cover: Ed Benes
  • Variant Cover: Scott McDaniel
  • Cover Date: Mar 2016
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • 4 of 12
  • Order Code: NOV15 0201
  • Variant Cover Order Code: NOV15 0202
  • Release Date: 06 Jan 2016

Enter Hawk and Dove...drawn to a mystery that threatens to destroy the perfect balance of their partnership. And the lost and scattered Titans - Dick, Donna, Garth, Roy, Gnarrk, Mal and Lilith - battle to discover the dark secret that unites them, but time is running out. Can they make sense of their twisted dreams before the escalating nightmare overwhelms them?.

Bombshell Mera

DC Comics Bombshells #8

  • Writer: Marguerite Bennett
  • Art: Laura Braga and Maria Laura Sanapo
  • Cover: Ant Lucia
  • Cover Date: Mar 2016
  • 40 pages, $3.99
  • Digital First
  • Order Code: NOV150253
  • Release Date: 06 Jan 2016

Now serving on the side of the Allies as part of the Amanda Waller's Bombshells program, Supergirl and Stargirl wonder if they still are being used as instruments of propaganda. Meanwhile, mythological creatures and the undead legions of Tenebrus attack the Allied forces, bringing Wonder Woman into the fray. Can she count on the newest Bombshells to help?

Aquagirl: Marina (Batman Beyond)

Batman Beyond #8

  • Writer: Dan Jurgens
  • Art: Bernard Chang
  • Cover: Philip Tan
  • Cover Date: Mar 2016
  • 32 pages, $2.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0230
  • Release Date: 06 Jan 2016

No good deed goes unpunished! Freeing the world from Brother Eye was only the beginning - with Neo-Gotham now standing as the only stable society in the known world, thousands of refugees have fled their war-torn cities to come knocking at the gates. But when the mayor of Neo-Gotham claims his city can't support the whole world, the fate of these people will rest on Batman's shoulders.

Black Manta

New Suicide Squad #16

  • Writer: Sean Ryan
  • Art: Philippe Briones
  • Cover: Juan Ferreya
  • Cover Date: Mar 2016
  • 32 pages, $2.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0196
  • Release Date: 13 Jan 2016

The "Freedom" storyline reaches its thrilling conclusion as Amanda Waller unravels the conspiracy to expose Task Force X to the public! Meanwhile, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Boomerang and Parasite try to break back IN to Belle Reve prison?!


New Suicide Squad V2: Monsters TP

  • Writer: Sean Ryan
  • Art: Philippe Brionnes
  • Cover: Juan Ferrerya
  • 144 pages, $14.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0280
  • Release Date: 03 Feb 2016

A breakaway faction of the League of Assassins has their eyes on the Suicide Squad. With new recruits in tow, infiltrating the deadly group will require extreme measures—and it may cost some squad members. How far will they push the limits and who will fall? Plus, how will Harley Quinn deal with her greatest enemy: boredom? Find out in these stories from NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #9-12, ANNUAL #1, plus the Sneak Peek story from CONVERGENCE: JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #2.

Justice League of America: The Silver Age Vol 1 TP

  • Writer: Gardner Fox
  • Art: Mike Sekowsky and others
  • Cover: Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson
  • 328 pages, $19.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0283
  • Release Date: 10 Feb 2016

In stories from BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28-30, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1-18 and MYSTERY IN SPACE #75, the World’s Greatest Heroes stand against intergalactic, mystical, and super-powered rogues Starro, Despero, Kanjar Ro, Dr. Destiny, Amos Fortune and Felix Faust!

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis HC Book and DVD/Blu-Ray Set

  • Writer: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Ivan Reis, Tony S. Daniel and others
  • Cover: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
  • 192 pages, $34.99
  • Order Code: NOV15 0295
  • Release Date: 24 Feb 2016

While Earth’s super heroes are distracted elsewhere, a mysterious force is pushing Atlantis and the surface world to the brink of war! As casualties rise and a full-scale invasion seems increasingly likely, can the Justice League prevent a bloody confrontation that would doom half of civilization to a watery grave? Comes with the JUSTICE LEAGUE: THRONE OF ATLANTIS animated movie on Blu-Ray and DVD discs! Read the book, watch the movie!



DC Bombshells Credit Card Bottle Openers

  • Publisher: Adventure Trading Inc.
  • Order Code: NOV15 2737
  • Release Date: 30 Dec 2015
  • $5.99

These high-quality stainless steel credit card bottle openers feature full-color artwork by Ant Lucia of the DC Bombshells! There are six different design to choose from: Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Mera, Supergirl, Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman.

DC Bombshells Keychain Bottle Openers

  • Publisher: Adventure Trading Inc.
  • Order Code: NOV15 2738
  • Release Date: 30 Dec 2015
  • $4.99

These stainless steel keychain bottle openers boast full-color graphics of the DC Bombshells on one side and a retro-styled logo on the other! There are six different styles to choose from, including Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Mera, Supergirl, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman.