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Aquaman #29 (2011)
Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons
Title: Olympian
Cover Title: From the depths... ...A god rises!
Cover Date: May 2014
Writer: Jeff Parker
Penciller: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Sean Parsons and Norm Rapmund (pg 20)
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Colorist: Rain Beredo
Cover Artist: Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons and Wil Quintana
Variant Cover Artist: RC Stoodios (Robot Chicken)
Associate Editor: Chris Conroy
Editor: Matt Idelson (group editor)
AQUAMAN Created By Paul Norris
Ship Date: 26 Mar 2014
Order Code: JAN14 0262
Cover Price: $2.99
Page Count: 32 (20 story pages)
Character Appearances: Aquaman, Mera

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Robot Chicken Variant Cover

Preview Text

It's all-out action as Aquaman feels the wrath It's all-out action as Aquaman feels the wrath of Atlas as he makes his first appearance in The New 52! And the environmental havoc seen in the pages of SWAMP THING may put Arthur on a collision course with a certain Avatar of the Green!

Update: According to The Aquaman Shrine on Twitter, this solicit was supposed to say "Hercules" and not "Atlas". The aquatic @JeffParker was nice enough to tip us off regarding a case of "Premature Solicitation" regarding next week's AQUAMAN #29... ...which will feature the King of Atlantis vs the Lion of Olympus: HERCULES in an issue chock full of action & intrigue! Sorry, Atlas!

Note that the final cover is slightly different from the original solicited image (click on the cover above to see the image history and compare the two versions).


After Dr. Evans opens a portal to hell, Aquaman must battle the hordes that emerge... which include an Olympian demi-god.


At the lighthouse, Aquaman discovers the theft of the trident. Officer Watson discovers that a plane left in the middle of the night to the archaeological dig in the Azores.

At the dig, Evans holds a press conference as he uses the trident to attempt to prove a theory about Atlantis. He believes there is a temporal bend that involves Atlantis and that the trident is the key to a "honeycomb of time and space". However, he instead opens a portal to a prison in which ancient Atlanteans imprisoned the giant-born.

In Atlantis, Mera arrives for an emergency council session. An Atlantean scientist tells Mera of a giant algae bloom that threatened all life in the ocean.

Aquaman arrives at the portal opened by Evans and begins to battle the giant-born. In response, they summon another creature from the portal, telling Aquaman that his ancestor Atlanteans got help from Hercules to bottle up the giant-born, but then trapped Hercules with them.


This issue features a 1:25 Robot Chicken variant cover.

In the first panel of the story, Aquaman says "Outrageous!" which is the catchphrase of the Brave and the Bold cartoon Aquaman.

Mera is wearing a Moody's Diner t-shirt.

Dr. Evans was tricked by the giant-born, who manipulated him from the other side of the portal into believing that a word that meant "hell" actually meant "gate".

Both of Dr. Evans assistants seem to have been killed by the giant-born fairly quickly. Chanda was eaten by a creature called Morkas.

The leader of the giant-born appears to be Celeana, a snake-like creature with four arms, wings, and the torso, face and hair of a woman.

Aquaman is able to control one of the giant-born that appears to be slightly aquatic. Hercules rips the creature apart.

Aquaman attempts to retrieve his trident, but it is being protected by the giant-born, who want to let all their kind escape through the portal.

The Atlanteans are being affected by events that occurred in the Swamp Thing books, particularly in issue #27, when Swamp Thing creates a massive algae bloom in order to prove a point to the Green. The algae bloom threatened all life on Earth, but particularly the Atlanteans.

Characters: Officer Erika Watson; Dr. Daniel Evans; various reporters; the giant-born aka gigantomachy (including Suidon, Morkas, Celeana); Chanda; Senechal Kae; Councilman Koah; Commander Neol; Science Elder Rowa; Hercules

Locations: The Lighthouse at Amnesty Bay, Maine; Terceira Island in the Azores; Atlantis


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