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Aquaman #28 (2011)
Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons
Title: Triton
Cover Title: Blood in the Water!
Cover Date: Apr 2014
Writer: Jeff Parker
Penciller: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Sean Parsons (pages 1-6,19-21) and Andrew Hennessy (pages 17-18)
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Colorist: Jeromy Cox
Cover Artist: Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons and Wil Quintana
Variant Cover Artist: Steampunk Variant Cover by Richard Horie
Associate Editor: Chris Conroy
Editor: Matt Idelson (Group Editor)
AQUAMAN Created By Paul Norris
Ship Date: 26 Feb 2014
Order Code: DEC13 0220
Cover Price: $2.99
Page Count: 32 (21 story pages)
Character Appearances: Aquaman, Mera, Commander Neol, Dr. Shin, Salty

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Steampunk Variant Cover by Richard Horie

Preview Text

He's saved a diver from a vicious shark attack – but he'll soon regret it. His most powerful weapon has been stolen from his care – and he's never even heard of the man who took it. But Aquaman's greatest challenge yet may be Amnesty Bay's ten year high school reunion!


After learning of a strange underwater base, Aquaman returns to Amnesty Bay and attends his high school reunion.


The Atlanteans approach Triton Base, following the mental signature of the Karaqan. Aquaman spots Coombs being mauled by sharks and rushes to help. Triton Base assumes Aquaman is attacking them and fire missiles at him, one of which hits him. Dr. Shin stops the attack, arguing that Aquaman is trying to save Coombs. Aquaman brings the badly mangled Coombs back into the base, but is immediately threatened by Mr. Blythe. Shin promises to tell him about it later.

Aquaman send Commander Neol to tell the council, and returns to Amnesty Bay to await Shin's report. He's met by an old high school friend who tells him about the high school reunion. Mera wants to go, but Aquaman recalls a horrible incident in childhood, when he was 13 years old. Mera talks him into it anyway.

Evans is outside the lighthouse, spying on Aquaman.

Back at Triton base, Dr. Orson asks permission to experiment on Coombs, since his injuries were so severe that he's in a vegetative state.

People are shocked when Aquaman shows up at the reunion at Amnesty High School. He gets a number of different reactions, including anger and fear, but is made welcome by some people. Mera finds one of his old girlfriends to compare notes with. Aquaman is told that the guy involved in the horrible childhood incident now brags about it.

Professor Evans returns to his archaeological dig with Aquaman's trident, which he uses as a key in a stone carving at the location.


This issue features a 1:25 Steampunk variant cover by Richard Horie.

Asked how the surfacers could have built Triton Base without Aquaman noticing, one of the occupants of the sub notes that Atlantis was under hostile occupation for six months.

Salty is still considered Aquaman's dog, with Jenny taking care of him. Erika borrowed Salty, and was visiting the lighthouse to chase off trespassers (Evans?) when she ran into Aquaman and Mera returning from Triton Base.

Evans writes down Aquaman's security code as 1941 (the year Aquaman debuted), but the art shows him pressing the "6" key. Oops.

Aquaman put a high school student into a coma for six months by throwing him away from a dying whale that he was hurting. Aquaman says he could never shake that day, and still felt guilty about it.

One of Aquaman's old high school friends, Kevin Bernard, fears Aquaman's return because he keyed Arthur's car. He has a little guilty fantasy of the sea king riding a monster to get revenge.

Arthur has agreed to help his friend Danny on a trawler after graduation, but ended up going away. Danny didn't forgive him for that or for Atlantis' attack on Boston. However, a lot of other friends start bringing up things that happened that Arthur probably did, asking him if he was the one who had helped them.

Arthur is terrified by Mera comparing notes with his old high school girlfriend, Katie Mahan. As gifts, Aquaman gave her intricate seashells instead of necklaces and flowers, like the other guys.

Characters: Dr. Daniel Evans; Commander Neol; Coombs; Mr. Blythe; Mr. Beale; Dr. Shin; Officer Erika Watson; Salty; Joey (in flashback); Spence (in flashback); Dr. Orson; Kevin Bernard; Dwayne (Erika's fiance); Randy; Gus; Danny; Mike Tillman; Katie Mahan; Chanda (Evans assistant)

Locations: Amnesty Bay, Maine; Triton Base; Bay High School; Terceira Island in the Azores


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