Adventure Comics 451

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Adventure Comics 452
Adventure Comics #451
Cover by Jim Aparo
Title: The Secret of the Sinister Abyss
Cover Date: M/J 1977
Anthology: Two Stories (Aquaman cover), first story
Other Stories: Manhunter from Mars: "The Suspects"
Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Jim Aparo
Letterer: Jim Aparo
Colorist: Liz Berube
Cover Artist: Jim Aparo
Editor: Paul Levitz
Ship Date: 14 Feb 1977
Cover Price: $0.30
Page Count: 11
Character Appearances: Aquaman, Mera, Topo, Arthur Jr, Starro
Reprints: Aquaman: Death of a Prince TP

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Topo kidnaps Arthur Jr, and Aquaman runs into an old foe while on a quest to rescue his son.




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