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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Links and Notes

Dan DiDio is confused about Aquaman.

Here's a quick run-down: the original Aquaman, Arthur Orin Curry, is currently "dead" (in the same sense that DC heroes are often dead). Arthur Joseph Curry, who wants to be known as Joseph, is currently playing the part of Aquaman until he can find/restore the original Aquaman. IMHO, Joseph Curry isn't actually Aquaman, he's the Sword of Atlantis. So, whenever DC "brings back" Aquaman, they'll need to address both Joseph's quest and Orin's death. Any restoration that doesn't is crap.

Moving on, The Trouble With Aquaman.

Occasional Superheroine asks which version of Aquaman do YOU like best?

Aquaman Shrine Interview with Ben Holcomb, MEGO expert.

Along the same lines, MEGO mystery: the webbed-hand Aquaman.

Remind yourself you aren't a fish to cure the hiccups (hiccoughs?).

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