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More Fun Comics #88
Aquaman Splash Page from More Fun #88 by Louis Cazeneuve
Title: The Man Who Chased the Rainbow
Cover Date: Feb 1943
Anthology: Five Stories (Green Arrow Cover), third story
Other Stories: "Green Arrow: Mystery of the Mechanical Master"; "Doctor Fate: The Victim of Dr. Fate"; "Johnny Quick: Tubby Watts, Hero"; "Spectre: Crime Makes a Movie"
Artist: Louis Cazeneuve
Editor: Whitney Ellsworth (credited), Jack Schiff (actual)
Ship Date: 22 Dec 1942
Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 10
Character Appearances: Aquaman

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John Wilson has been diving around the world for mysterious purposes for longer than Aquaman has been living underwater, so Aquaman goes to find out why.