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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Aquaman TV Report

KryptonSite has a link to a NY Times Article that points out that only projects that were in development for UPN made the Fall CW lineup. The article, which is mostly about Smallville, has this to say about Aquaman:
An October episode introduced the character Aquaman, and was the season's most-watched episode, with 6.4 million viewers. It was meant to be a one-off goof on the HBO comedy "Entourage," in which the lead character got the part of a superhero swimmer in a movie called "Aquaman." But because the ratings were so high, Mr. Gough and Mr. Millar quickly developed an Aquaman series idea for WB.

When the announcement of the creation of CW was made in January, Mr. Gough said, "It was like switching schools in the middle of the school year." The "Aquaman" pilot production continued, but it was not on the schedule that Ms. Ostroff announced on Thursday. (CW picked up only three new series for next season, which were all under development under Ms. Ostroff at UPN.)
As long as we're mentioning it, the new season of Entourage starts June 11th, and one of the plotlines is reportedly about Vince having troubles with the studio over Aquaman 2. Yes, Aquaman 2. The trailer for season 3 on the site has a bit from the premiere of Aquaman.

In other Aquaman media news, links to a review of the pilot episode, in which the reviewer gives the pilot 9 out of 10 stars. I've heard from a couple of other people who have seen the pilot, and overall reaction has been positive. I hope to eventually get a copy of the pilot myself, but so far I've had no luck through my usual channels. You'll have to wait until I see it for the thoughts of a rabid Aquaman fan.

In the meantime, reaction to the trailer has been overwhelmingly positive, despite the few jokers who can't get over Superfriends. The Petition to Save Mercy Reef now has over 500 signatures. While such a petition isn't likely to have any effect, it's gratifying to see that people actually like the idea of the show. At least... those that don't just want to see Justin Hartley topless all the time.

Whew. There's more Aquaman TV news now that the show isn't on the Fall schedule than there was before we knew what was going on...

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