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Aquaman #3 (2011)
Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Title: The Trench: Part Three
Cover Title: Cannibals of the Deep
Cover Date: Jan 2012
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado
Letterer: Nick J Napolitano
Colorist: Rod Reis
Cover Artist: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
Assistant Editor: Sean Mackiewicz
Editor: Patrick McCallum
AQUAMAN Created By Paul Norris
Ship Date: 23 Nov 2011
Order Code: SEP11 0100
Cover Price: $2.99
Page Count: 32 (20 story pages)
Character Appearances: Aquaman, Mera, The Trench, Stephen Shin, Janet Reed's dog (Salty)
Reprints: Aquaman Volume 1: The Trench

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The secret of the Trench revealed! Where did these cannibalistic sea creatures come from? What fuels their monstrous hunger? Why have they chosen now to invade the surface world? To unravel the mystery of the Trench, Aquaman must seek help from the last person on earth he ever wanted to see again.


After fighting off the Trench, Aquaman turns to an old friend of his father's to find out where the creatures are from.


Aquaman, Mera and the police battle the Trench on the shore, with Aquaman surprising the leader. The leader calls a retreat, and the Trench takes their "meat" with them. Aquaman admits to the police that he doesn't know what the Trench are, but successfully pulls a living dog out of a cocoon the Trench made, proving that some of the victims might still be alive. Aquaman takes a corpse of one of the creatures to be examined by a scientist he knows, against the protests of the authorities.

The scientist, a biologist named Stephen Shin, helped Aquaman learn to use his powers. Aquaman tells Mera that Shin also tried to kill Aquaman when he wouldn't take Shin to Atlantis. He then tells Aquaman the beast likely comes from the mid-Atlantic trench, and was probably in search of food. A sample of the cocoon confirms that the creatures were bringing food back to their home.

Aquaman and Mera leave, taking the corpse with them over Shin's objections. The couple head toward the deep ocean to try to recover any living victims.


The issue starts with a one page flashback of Aquaman's father looking out to sea.

The Trench eat their own, so the only way they were able to get a corpse was because one was still alive, although mortally wounded, after the others retreated.

Shin comments on Aquaman's trident, telling Aquaman that "he" is going to come looking for it.

Characters: The Trench, the leader of the Trench, the sheriff of Beachrock, Deputy Wilson, Officer Gladstone, various law enforcement and first responders, Janet Reed's dog, Stephen Shin.

Locations: Beachrock, Shin's house.


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