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This is the page to list any little time you see Aquaman in any media other than comic books. This is for mentions on TV, in magazines or newspapers, for sightings related to Aquaman creators that seem Aqua-noteworthy, or anything else. If the sighting appears in a comic book, please report it on the Sightings page. Anyone can post a sighting of Aquaman in a comic book in the discussion page there.

For sightings here, please post a date and grade if possible.

Aquaman Spotting


12 Aug 2010 - Craig Ferguson makes Aquaman joke in his opening monologue after announcing that Sea Sponges share 70% of their DNA with humans.

2010 - Big Bang Theory has various Aquaman jokes and references, including visual gags.


The Late Late Show

2009 - Craig Ferguson has a segment with Aquaman on his show. More information coming.

Sheldon Webcomic

27 Jan 2009 - Arthur the Duck mentions a Facebook group called "Aquaman For Prez" in the daily Sheldon Strip. Link To Strip


The Colbert Report

04 Nov 2008 - In his movie review, Stephen is talking about the movie Revolutionary Road starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Stephen "mistakes" the movie for a sequel to Titanic, and asks how Jack came back from drowning. "Is he a zombie in the picture, or did he not drown because he's Aquaman?"

The Colbert Report

20 Nov 2008 - In his opening monologue, Stephen reports that Black Lightning is the Justice League President-elect, who beat out Aquaman after the failure of his slogan, "Yes we clam!"

Rachel Maddow Show

12 Nov 2008 - During the "Just Enough" segment, Kent Jones talks about a town in Turkey attempting to sue Warner Bros over the name "Batman", stating that WB will be represented by the "firm of Aquaman, Spider-Man and Thor".

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

22 Jun 2008 - Guy says he's gonna "go Aquaman" and have some turtle soup.

Art Gallery

14 Apr 2008 - I just opened a gallery at ComicArtFans where I hope to post the commissions and original art pages that I've collected over the years. The vast majority of the pieces feature Aquaman or Aqua-related characters. I've only got a few commissions up so far but I thought you'd all like a look: Vincent Paul Barilucci's Art Gallery --Vincent Paul Bartilucci 22:53, 14 April 2008 (UTC)

Dan DiDio on Newsarama

16 Mar 2008 - Newsarama's Coverage of WWLA includes the "DCU: Countdown to Crisis" panel, with this little tidbit from Dan DiDio:

Will we see the original Aquaman again? DiDio: "Aquaman. This year." DiDio said they want to make sure that the next time readers see Aquaman, it'll be the "best" version of the character.

John Seavey on Aquaman

13 Mar 2008 - John Seavey's Storytelling Engines: Aquaman (via Wings on the Mailing List)

Ocean Master's Helmet

13 Mar 2008 - Ocean Master - Best Helmet Ever!

Dan Didio on Aquaman

29 Jan 2008 - I found this on the between the staples website. Newsarama Link

At any given time, there are dozens of characters in any given shared universe who are out of the spotlight, and the DC Universe is no exception. Characters are constantly moving up and down the ladder of visibility, so we grabbed a baker's dozen and cornered DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio to find out where they are, and where they might be seen next.

Yes, we know this isn't a comprehensive list...

Aquaman - Last Seen: On a regular basis, with the cancellation of Sword of Aquaman late last year with #57. He was considered for membership in the Outsiders, but Batman shut him down. His story went in...interesting directions after Infinite Crisis, but we think he's back to being Arthur Curry (and knowing who he is) with two (real) hands these days...

DiDio says: "Right now we're giving Aquaman a little bit of a rest, but we expect to see him appearing in one of the team books in 2008. We're seeing the version of Aquaman that appeared in Sword of Aquaman – the Arthur Curry Aquaman." -Dennis Doucette


Paul Norris in Rolling Stone

27 Dec 2007 - Aquaman & Paul Norris got a mention in the year-end issue of Rolling Stone. It was in the tribute section for people who passed on in 2007.

  • Paul Norris, 93: The DC comic artist who created Aquaman. His other characters, the original Sandman and Futureman, were less successful.

Rolling Stone Issue 1042/1043 -Chris

Aquaman on the Simpson's

18 Nov 2007 - Aquaman and Dr. Who references in the first five minutes of tonight's Simpsons episode. Bestow on me my precious shells! -Jack Pendarvis

Aquaman Pilot DVD

15 Nov 2007 - For the technically challenged (like me) who couldn't download the darn thing, Best Buy has got a DVD of the Aquaman pilot Mercy Reef packed with all sorts of Smallville season sets. Haven't been watching Smallville but at that price and with the Aquaman DVD I might buy the first season.

The Big Bang Theory

13 Nov 2007 - Last night, on the new episode of "The Big Bang Theory", entitled "The Grasshopper Experiment", the character of Sheldon was shown wearing a gray tee-shirt with classic Aquaman on it, with the name "Aquaman", as well. -Joe

Aquaman Song

07 Nov 2007 - Here's a great Aquaman song, set to an amusing flash animation, that I discovered today while trolling the net. -Craig

Wizard Magazine

06 Nov 2007 - The latest issue of Wizard featured an article on the Top 25 most dastardly acts perpetrated by DC villains. Coming in at #1 -- beating out Dr. Light raping Sue Dibny and Major Force stuffing Alex DeWitt in a refrigerator -- was Black Manta murderer Arthur, Jr. The article is pretty respectful, saying that Aquaman (and his readers) were used to Manta pulling crimes like smuggling or piracy, and did not expect him to be so cruel. They then put it over as "the death of innocence in the DC Universe." -Luke

Dexter, Sort of

31 Oct 2007 - A snowglobe similar to the Aquaman snowglobe was the murder weapon on this week's episode of "DEXTER". I found this article. -Joe

JLA Movie

27 Sep 2007 - Bad news for Aqua-Fans. It looks like as things stand now he won't be appearing in the JLA movie. The line-up is: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter. My enthusiasm for this project just sank like Atlantis! Maybe we can start some kind of grassroots campaign to at least get Aquaman a cameo or something. Anyway, here's a link to the story. -Wil Radcliffe

Evil Inc

22 Sep 2007 - Aquaman gets a mention in today's "Evil, Inc." -Joe

Wieringo Tribute

20 Aug 2007 - NEWSARAMA has a Remembering Mike Wieringo article today, and they have a remembrance by Mark Waid, who mentions a pitch they had for Aquaman which DC turned down. They also have the sketches Wieringo did of Aquaman. I like them! -Joe

Grandpa Griffin

20 Aug 2007 - Check out a great new song about Aquaman ... Ookla the Mok has some competition via Grandpa Griffin. -Craig

Li'l Bush, Top Trumps, Cash Cab

22 Jul 2007 - A follow-up to my Li'l Bush sighting: There have been numerous mentions of Aquaman on the show because Li'l George's favorite hero is the Sea King. He wears Aquaman underpants in at least two episodes - in one he pulls out the waistband of his shorts, looks down at his Aquaman underpants and implores the Sea King to help him. I'm sorry I don't have the exact quote but the show is abysmal and I haven't been able to bring myself to continue watching it.

While it hasn't been directly stated, apparently the joke here is that Li'l George Bush is such a dope that his favorite super-hero is "lame" Aquaman as opposed to the "much cooler" Superman, Batman, Spider-man, etc. The rest of the show is just as subtle.

Laura, on the Top Trumps card front, I attempted to order the DC Super-Heroes sets 1 & 2 from Amazon UK only to be informed that because of copyright concerns they won't ship them to the US. But I found this store that will ship to the US. I'll let you know how I make out. Gotta get me that Tula even if it does say Lorena. Aaah, Tula ...

Oh, and another mention of Aquaman - on an episode of Discovery Channel's Cash Cab broadcast this past week (I want to say Thursday, July 19th) a "Redlight Challenge" involved naming DC Comics Super-Heroes recently immortalized on US postage stamps. Ben Bailey, the host mentioned Plastic man and Hawkman in the question itself so the two contestants, a pair of women in their late 30's / early 40's, needed to get 5 out of the remaining 8. Of course, the first and second heroes guessed were Superman and Batman, respectively, but the ladies got Aquaman third without missing a beat! They then got Supergirl fourth and Wonder Woman fifth. How can such a widely known character get cancelled over and over ... -Vincent Paul Bartilucci

Aquaman on MySpace

09 Jul 2007 - Another Aquaman profile at MySpace -Goggles Pisano

Li'l Bush

08 Jun 2007 - In a promo for Comedy Central's new show "Li'l Bush" which casts George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, and all their co-horts as a latter day Our Gang, the pint-sized president gives us these reasons to watch his show: "Terrorists. Emboldened. 9-11. Aquaman. Tacos. I think I've made myself clear." -Vincent P Bartilucci

Atlanta Journal Constitution

02 Jun 2007 - I have an Aquaman sighting! It's in tomorrow's Atlanta Journal Constitution. In fact, it's an article about me and a novelist named Sheri Joseph. The reporter mentions my "blog," and the fact that I seem to be obsessed with "Aquaman and Jerry Lewis." During the actual interview, I cited your blog by name, Laura... well, that part didn't end up in the paper, but maybe people will seek out my "blog" and be led to yours. And it's all thanks to Aquaman! Now give me another shell! -Jack Pendarvis

Tonner Dolls

27 May 2007 - It hurts my heart in horrible ways that I will probably never own one of these: Tonner Dolls Scroll down thru the costumed people to reveal Aquaman on Storm. The doll is "coming soon" according to the Tonner Doll web-site but the centerpiece - no such luck! and the Mera doll that's currently on ebay was a doll convention exclusive limited to 300. She's beautiful! -Vincent P Bartilucci

DC Legacy Trading Card Set

26 May 2007 - DC Legacy: This summer Rittenhouse Archives presents the first DC Comics Trading Card Set to feature SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, FLASH, AQUAMAN, and other legendary DC characters as they have appeared in comic books from the 1930s to the present! The stunning 50-Card Base Set will feature holo foil and UV-etch printing to bring each character's rich history to life! Coming: 09.26.2007

Each box of this ground-breaking series will contain ONE hand-drawn colored Sketch Card - a first for any DC trading card series! There are more than 45 artists included in the product to date, including: Link -Joe

Filmation Aquaman on DVD

08 May 2007 - From a transcript of a Live Chat with representatives of Warner Brothers Home Video TV and animation:

[ThomasP] Are there any plans for season sets of "World's Greatest Superfreinds", "Super Friends - Galactic Guardians", Filmation's animated Aquaman series and Filmation's 1960's animated Batman series? Also the Suprefirends "Lost shorts" from 1980-193?...Much thanks for the upcoming Filmation's Superman, Filmation's (1977) Batman, and Super Friends: Legendary Super Power Show.

[Warner_Brothers] Galactic Guardians and Aquaman are coming out in 07. New adventures of batman is coming out in 2007. Super Friends: Legendary Super Power Show is being released in 2007. the rest are being evaluated.

Link for the full transcript

I'm a giddy little fanboy. The Aquaman Filmation cartoons are one of the primary reasons Aquaman is my fav'. The first time I saw Artie in a comic I wondered where his black boots were! -Vincent P Bartilucci

Convention Photos

02 May 2007 - Found this early this morning. -Joe


20 Apr 2007 - This has been out since Saturday, so you've probably seen it, but just in case. Link -etude finch

More Music

21 Apr 2007 - Hello, big Aquafan here, i checked out your Aquaman in popular music section and didnt see these 2. I'm a big hip hop fan as well as being an Aquaman fan and i'm always happy to hear him name dropped by artists i like. 2 examples are the song The Mask by Dangerdoom that features the line "Aquaman's pops can't watercheck me" don't know what it means exactly but there it is. The other example is found in the song Animalistics by The Last Emperor, it has the line "Man i'm hot like Atlanta, we about to do battle like Aquaman and Black Manta". -Alexander Adcock

Note - I need links to the music, or more information, before I'll feel comfortable adding them to the page. -Laura

Tad Williams Interview

02 Mar 2007 - CBR interview with Tad Williams. -Joe

The Flying McCoys

19 Feb 2007 - Have you seen the Sunday 2/18 newspaper comic strip "The Flying McCoys" by Gary & Glenn McCoy? Super hero themed and Aquaman is present. I'm sorry, I can't seem to find a link to it... -John

Alter Ego 69

18 Feb 2007 - Alter Ego 69 -Billy

Aquaman on Jeopardy

12 Feb 2007 - I was watching jeopardy today and one question asked which D.C. hero is king of the seven seas.. AQUAMAN.. -Dennis Doucette

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

08 Feb 2007 - I just saw a fun little cameo by Aquaman in the Electra Woman and Dyna Girl pilot for the WB from a few years ago. Two interesting side bits here... Norman Alden, the voice of Aquaman on the Super Friends, played Electra Woman and Dyna Girl's side kick on the original 70s show; and the WB is also the network that greenlit the Aquaman t.v. series, before they merged with those losers at UPN and mucked everything up! Anyway, neat to see someone wearing the classic orange and green uniform... but what's up with the weird make-up? Kinda creepy! Here's a link for the pilot on youtube... -Wil Radcliffe

Memory Card

03 Feb 2007 - I saw Aquaman on an episode of X-play on G4 TV.. Heres the story.. Memory Card: A psychotic serial killer who would conceal his identity (in a parody of Billy the Jigsaw Puppet from the movie Saw) by speaking through a modified R.O.B. robot. During the 2006 Halloween episode, Memory Card kidnapped a number of G4TV hosts and put them through a series of tortuous deaths (Kevin Pereira had a Virtual Boy strapped to his head and played Wario Land until his eyes exploded, Zach Selwyn was cut in half by a combination DDR dancepad/beartrap, etc.); Adam and Morgan were both trapped in a room wearing modified Power Gloves that were rigged to explode after 30 minutes unless they listed the top ten scariest video games of all time. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the person behind the "Memory Card" persona was actually Aquaman, who wanted revenge on X-Play for naming his Battle for Atlantis the worst game of all time. -Dennis Doucette


25 Jan 2007 - Caught a mention of Aquaman on Mythbusters last night (the January 24th episode).

One of the myths being explored was the feasibility of escaping from a sinking auto by either opening the door or rolling down / shattering the window. Before one commercial break near the end of the show, the announcer encourages us to keep watching by asking if Adam (Savage, co-host of the program) will learn to “channel his inner Aquaman” or words to that effect.

I believe the episode is being replayed on Sunday evening (9pm?) so we can all check it out for the actual quote.

This Aqua-spotting is fun! -Vincent P Bartilucci

Aquaman's Change Explained

12 Jan 2007 - Aquaman's One Year Later state soon explained ! Link -Hugo


Smallville Magazine

18 Dec 2006 - The most recent issue of "Smallville Magazine" (Dec. 2006) includes an article on Aquaman, his history, and media appearances. A must read for any Aquafans. -charles coletta

Drawn Together

18 Nov 2006 - Caught a mention of Aquaman on the November 15th episode of Drawn Together. Foxxy Love burts in on Captain Hero and another of the flatmates (Don't remember who - Xander? Toot?)in bed together. Captain Hero leaps to the doorway and invites Foxxy to join them with the assurance that, "The fin rot I picked up from Aquaman is all cleared up." The door opens up just a bit more to reveal that Hero's right arm is a fin.

Hey, at least it's not another ill-informed "Aquaman is useless" joke!

This is from memory so i'll post a correction if necessary when the episode is replayed. -Vincent P Bartilucci

MySpace Profile

11 Nov 2006 - Stop Picking on Aquaman -Arthur Curry

Aquaman Artwork

02 Nov 2006 - This blog has a little Aquaman art, nice picture. -Joe

The Venture Brothers

04 Sep 2006 - An episode of THE VENTURE BROTHERS titled "Fallen Arches" included a discussion about whether or not Aquaman has a secret identity. A mention was also made on Black Manta. The character of Hank Venture has been seen several times wearing his Aquaman Underoos. -charles coletta

Ramona Fradon

10 Aug 2006 - I'm not sure if this qualifies or if you've seen it but there's an interesting interview with Ramona Fradon at The Real Ramona. She discusses the creation of Aqualad... -Chris Long

Toledo Blade

16 Jul 2006 - The June 25, 2006 edition of the TOLEDO BLADE (Ohio) ran an article titled: "Is Aquaman All Wet?: Awkward Superhero Is Becoming Cool." -charles coletta

Aquaman Costume

23 May 2006 - We had a super hero day at my school and i dressed up as my favorite superhero.. AQUAMAN!! Picture 1, Picture 2 -Dennis Doucette

Entertainment Weekly

29 Apr 2006 - In the April 28/May 5, 2006 Entertainment Weekly (Issue #874/875), Aquaman gets a mention. On Page 126, they do a piece on shows with similar themes, and which of the two they prefer.

For Aquaman:

  • Aquaman (The CW, drama) Inspired by the comic-book series about a superhero who enjoys the H20.
  • Ultra (CBS, drama) Inspired by the comic-book series about a superhero who's a single girl in the city.

VERDICT: Ultra. We're down with any superhero who can leap tall buildings and reject men in a single bound. Plus, she'd probably kick ass at speed dating."

So, not a great mention for Aquaman, but then again they don't actually say anything bad (or good) about the show at all. And they also admit that they haven't seen a second of any footage of any of the shows they have in this piece. -Joe

James Krueger Interview

19 Apr 2006 - James Krueger (co-plotter and scripter of "Justice") claims to be a major and Aquaman fan and discusses him in the following interview. He gives some hints of Aquaman's future in the miniseries. He also says the Jim Aparo/Aquaman period included some of the best comics ever made. Link

Aquaman Reviews

05 Apr 2006 - Our review group on Newsarama is reviewing Aquaman: Sword Of Atlantis #41 this week, so there will be a bunch of reviews of that issue. Newsarama Review Group reviews SOA #41 -Mike

Entertainment Weekly

17 Mar 2006 - In the new Entertainment Weekly (#869, March 24, 2006), Aquaman gets another little mention. On the "Mail" page, there is a cropped shot of AC from the cover of Aquaman #40. Below it reads: COMICS ROUNDUP, Recognize that guy? It's Aquaman - retooled along with other classic DC Comics super-heroes - in the new One Year Later series. Get Ken Tucker's review of the daring new comics, then post your own thoughts at -Joe

The Office

17 Mar 2006 - On last night's episode of THE OFFICE, Michael Scott was comparing himself to Superman and the office staff to Gotham city which led to a discussion of how the correct hero was Batman which further lead to a comparison of himself as AQUAMAN and the office as the ocean. What a great show! -Jimmie

Entertainment Weekly

12 Mar 2006 - In this week's Entertainment Weekly, issue #868 - March 17, 2006, Aquaman gets a mention. On page 22, there is an article titled "Water Log". It features a cropped shot of Aquaman current series cover #17 and a paragraph on the recasting of Toale. Also has two little pics of Toale & Hartley. Then it goes on about other pilot leads who were replaced in their series. -Joe

Good Eats

11 Jan 2006 - Good Eats: "Squid Pro Quo" - There was some sort of Giant Squid theme, and one of the supporting cast for the episode wandered off down the beach. When someone worried that the Giant Squid Monster had got her, Alton Brown replied something to the effect of, "No, she's ok. I just saw her walking with Aquaman."