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Saturday, December 10, 2005

More on New Aquaman

In addition to breaking the news of a new Aquaman series, and creating the first discussion thread about it, Newsarama has a poll asking whether or not people will try the new series. At the time of this writing, it's running 80% positive. Kurt has chimed in to answer a few questions on the discussion thread, so look for his name among the posters for some tidbits.

Kurt himself has been answering the naysayers at the ever-negative DC Board. I suggest skipping to notes written by Kurt Busiek, since the opinions on that board make me ashamed to be an Aquaman fan along with people like that. Kurt has dropped a number of neat hints about the series in his answers. I'll try to put the most interesting on my Sword of Atlantis page.

An excellent quote from the MillarWorld board by commenter Mario Di Giacomo:
I've been finding it interesting how some vocal fans (especially on the DC Boards) have been bemoaning the fact that Aquaman is being "replaced", when the version they are enamored of is technically a replacement himself.
Yes, let's get into this a little more. As an Aquaman fan, I'm proud of the fact that Aquaman is one of the few heroes who has been published almost continually since his debut in 1941, but saying that it's the same guy is just silly. The original Aquaman was NOT Arthur Curry, and had a completely different origin. When Aquaman got his Silver Age origin he changed dramatically from a surface hero who happened to be able to breathe underwater to an underwater hero with a heritage and a supporting cast. It was a comparatively gradual revamp, but by the time it was over, it was as dramatic a revamp as the upcoming one.

Kurt is confident enough that he's asking people to just try one issue. I'm a practical person and my usual try-out period is three issues, so I say give it three issues, and if it is truly awful, the fans can commiserate together. No point in judging it until we see it. I think the potential is definitely there, but the proof will be in the execution of the concepts.


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