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Friday, December 09, 2005


Newsarama has the news of the new Aquaman creative team, and it's Kurt Busiek with artist Jackson Guice. Check out the article for more information and preview images.

Important points:
  • New Aquaman. Arthur/Orin won't go away, but he won't be the focus of the series.
  • King Shark, Superboy villain, becomes a sidekick.
  • More high fantasy underwater than superhero action, with an emphasis on the clash of the magic of Atlantis with the modern of the surfacer world.
There's also a thread at Newsarama so you can see internet fan response to the news. Also discussing it: Millarworld, Comic Bloc, Comics Should Be Good, and Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog.

FOR THE RECORD: I'm very excited about this take on Aquaman. I know enough about Kurt Busiek to know that he isn't going to trample any of the mythos that came before, and I know Arthur Curry will still be around in the DCU, even if we don't see him for awhile (and that's nothing new). I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Kurt can do with this concept. And of all the artists in the world, Butch Guice would never have occurred to me, but he's perfect for this kind of book.

To anyone who is wavering, give it three issues. Three issues ought to give you a good idea of whether or not it's to your tastes. I think this series may not be exactly what people are expecting from the news, so just give it a chance.


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