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Tempest: Prophets and Kings #1

Cover of Tempest #1

Tempest: Prophets and Kings #1

Title: Act 1: Dead Ringers
Cover Title: Exploding from the pages of Aquaman - TEMPEST
Cover Date: November 1996

Writer: Phil Jimenez
Pencils: Phil Jimenez
Inks: John Stokes
Colors: Carla Feeny
Lettering: Chris Eliopoulos
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Consulting Editor: Kevin Dooley
Cover: Phil Jimenez

Cover Price: $1.75
Continuity: IN
Note: With Special Thanks to Keri Kowalski for Everything


Atlan takes Garth back to the Hidden Valley, only to find it deserted except for a band of marauders riding an elasmosaur. To Garth's discomfort, Atlan has no idea what is going on. He brought Garth back to finish his training and was not expecting this.

As Garth is attacked by the monster, Letifos appears kills it. They argue, with Letifos accusing Garth of being too soft and mourning things, like Tula, beyond their time, when Garth asks Letifos if all she is good at is killing things. Atlan gets them to stop, pointing out that they have more pressing concerns. The marauders have regrouped and are coming back.

Both Poseidon and Neptune are summoned to a dark place, presumably by their brothers of the underworld, Hades and Pluto. But it is a trap. A mortal has trapped them to tap into their immortal power.

Garth fights the marauders, who wear ancient Atlantean armor. He is horrified when one disintegrates due to his boiling water trick. In the nether world of trapped gods, the mortal laughs. He tells the gods Garth's history, including the tale of his father, Thar, King of Shayeris, who went insane and started building an arsenal to protect the city from an invasion. He ends his tale with the death of Tula, an event that Garth has never quite gotten over.

Garth traps marauders and confronts both Letifos and Atlan in a mighty temper. Atlan explains what they came for, a spell that will seal Garth's new powers within him. He doesn't know where the Idylists, the people of Shayera, have gone to.

In the nether realm, the mortal explains to the gods the transformations Garth has gone through. And then claims that the birthright Garth has come to get is actually his, and he doesn't intend to let Garth have it.

Atlan is taken by a strange light as Garth and Letifos are attacked by a new wave of marauders that Garth is unwilling to kill. He's being held when suddenly Tula appears and saves him. Garth is overjoyed, Letifos is suspicious, and Atlan is gone. The marauders vanish, too, leaving Garth to find his birthright entirely on his own. Well, not entirely. He has Letifos and Tula...


Let's start with the art. Some of the best I've seen. The cover is beautiful, the detail is incredible and appreciated. In inside art has a motion to it that is wonderful and perfect for the underwater setting. The characters glide through the pages...

The story isn't quite as hot. It's mostly a set-up story, explaining who Garth is, what Shayera, the Idylists, and Hidden Valley are. The letter column is more information on Garth and who is is. The only action that happens is Garth fighting marauders, Garth fighting more maruaders, gods getting captured, Garth fighting marauders, and Tula appearing. Slightly lacking in story.


A good set-up, we can only hope the rest of the story is better.

Review Date: 10 October 1997, By Laura Gjovaag