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Cover of Aquaman #16
Aquaman (2003) #16

Title: American Tidal Part 2
Cover Title: Down Among The Dead
Cover Date: May 2004

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Penciller: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Christian Alamy
Colors: Nathan Eyring
Lettering: Rick J Nap
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Associate Editor: Stephen Wacker
Cover: Alan Davis and Mark Farmer
Note: Aquaman created by Paul Norris

Cover Price: $2.50
Release Date: 17 March 2004
Order Code: JAN04 0230


Cover Review: While the subject matter doesn't do much for me, the artwork is quite good. The bubbles aren't overdone, which is a common mistake that artists make when drawing underwater scenes with Aquaman. But between the bubbles that exist and the way the hair moves, it's obvious the action is underwater. Another good cover, but it won't ever be my favorite. I'm just not a big fan of zombies.