Aquaman Action Figures

There have been many figures and outfits for Aquaman. Following are all the ones I've heard about. I've included an approximate price range for the figures for reference, but understand that I am not selling these figures, nor should these prices be taken as a standard for buying and selling these figures.


There are also reports of strange variations of the MEGO figures, presumably made late in the run, or simply mistakes that got through. One I've heard about is an Aquaman figure with Batman gloves on a Superman card.


NOTE: A Captain Action figure has been re-issued. I haven't yet got one, but I presume that the Aquaman disguise will fit on the new figure.





Of course, not everyone is satisfied with waiting around for DC to do official Action Figures. Indeed, some of the less known characters will probably never have figures at all, or, like the Mera Ideal Doll, be incredibly hard to find. Which is where the fans begin to take up the slack...

Custom Aquaman Figures

One does a model of Aquaman in triumph, another hand paints Lego mini-figures to look like superheroes, and yet another takes common figures from the store and turns them into characters that Kenner and Toy Biz are unlikely to release on their own. These figures represent the imagination of Aquaman fans as well as the need for something to fill that niche of unavailability.

Also worth checking out is the Hero's Emporium Modeling Club

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