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Aquaman Figures made by Fans

Dale Roberts - - - Comic Creations (David Oakes) - - - Mick Larkins - - - Vincent Cabagnot - - - Hero Toys

Dale Roberts

Dale Roberts has contributed so much to the page that I had to put his figures on their own page! Check it out:

Dale Roberts Custom Aquaman Figures Gallery

Comic Creations

David Oakes

David Oakes uses a perfect medium to create his works. He takes a standard Lego mini-fig and turns it into a Superhero! These little delights are not always perfect, due to Lego bricks style, but always excellent collectables.

Picture: Aquaman Legos!

From Left to Right:
Orm (Ocean Master), Dolphin, Current Aquaman, Mera, Original Aquaman, Blue Suit Aquaman (from the Pozner Mini-series), Tempest (with purple eyes), Aqualad (with purple eyes), Tula, Neptune Perkins, Tsunami, Deep Blue, and the Fisherman.

Contact David at for prices or other information. You can also check out his fast-loading website at, or write to him snailmail at:

Picture: Comic Creations Business Card Comic Creations

David Oakes
701 Meadowwood Dr N
Brooklyn Park MN 55444

The Artist Honors Requests

For another take on LEGO Super Heroes, check out Dennis Chidley's LEGOtures. Not as physical, but easier to view.

Mick Larkins

Picture: Custom Black Manta figure by Mick Larkins

Mick Larkins wrote to me after seeing Dale's Black Manta figure, and asked how to make it. Before I could even get back to him, he'd made his own! How did he make it?

Says Mick: "I used Epoxy putty to make the head, as well as that black pack on his back. I used tubes that come in some Lego sets for those two tubes going from his head to his pack. I used a Spider-Man figure for the base."

He doesn't sell his figures, but is willing to tell folks how he made them. If you'd like to compliment him on the figure, or ask for customizing advice, contact him at

Other figures he's made (feel free to ask him about them) include two Star Wars figures (Biggs and Boba Fett with removable helmet).

Mick plans to enter this figure in the Home-Made Heroes contest of Wizard/Toy Fare. Wish him luck!

Picture: Aquaman Model by Vincent Cabagnot

Vincent Cabagnot

Sculptor and Digital Artist

Vincent is a sculptor who does incredible work, as you can probably see by checking out the picture of his Aquaman model.

His work is available for purchase, e-mail Vincent at for more information, or check out his web page, soon to have a gallery of his works, at

Picture: Aquaman figures by Hero Toys

Hero Toys

A now defunct action figure customizing company made this wonderful Aquaman out of 3 3/4" GI JOE figures and various modeling pastes. It features the Aquaman look from early in the current series, with the silver harpoon and the traditional orange shirt.

Dale Roberts - - - Comic Creations (David Oakes) - - - Mick Larkins - - - Vincent Cabagnot - - - Hero Toys

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Not only does he have a great page of DC heroes, he also tells you how to make your own! Be sure to check out his Aqualad figure.

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