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Who or What is Aquaman?

Aquaman is a comic book character first created in 1941 by National Periodical Publications (which later became DC Comics). Aquaman was published continually as a feature for over forty years, and has been an active part of the DC Universe even when he hasn't had his own feature.

How Many Comic Books Are We Talking About?

Aquaman has had five ongoing solo series, three mini-series, and a number of specials. Before he had his own book, he was a feature in four different DC anthologies and also had a trial run in Showcase.

If you count all his solo stories, and not even bother with the Justice League and guest appearances, he's been the main character in over 500 stories.

The Five Volumes of Aquaman

Aquaman #1 1962 Cover Aquaman #2 1991 Cover Aquaman #3 1994 Cover Aquaman #4 2003 Cover

Aquaman Mini-Series

Aquaman #1 1986 Cover Aquaman #1 1989 Cover Aquaman #1 1993 Cover

Everything Else

Aquaman Special #1 1988 Cover Aquaman Special #1 1989 Cover Atlantis Chronicles #1 Cover Tempest #4 Cover

Aquaman's Uniforms

Aquaman in Classic Costume

Aquaman has had three different main costumes. His traditional look was designed by artist Paul Norris in 1941 and didn't change much (besides the color of his gloves) until the 1986 mini-series, which rolled out a blue outfit.

Aquaman in Blue Costume

Although blue outfit was well received, it wasn't easy to draw, and Aquaman reverted back to his original outfit for the next mini-series.

Aquaman next changed his costume in the 1994 series written by Peter David. David had Aquaman lose his left arm and replace it with a harpoon, and changed the costume at the same time.

Aquaman in Peter David outfit

Aquaman remained in the new outfit, which was more of a non-outfit, until the 2003 series, when he gained another non-outfit before reverting to his classic uniform with issue #15. When he returned to the DCU at the end of Blackest Night, it was in a variation of his classic outfit.

Aquaman's Powers

Some of Aquaman's abilities have been consistent throughout the years, some have been added more recently or changed, and some have been portrayed very inconsistently.