Blue Suit Aquaman

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First appearance Aquaman 1 (Feb 1986)
Full name Arthur Curry

The modern age Aquaman sprang into action wearing a new camouflage suit provided by Vulko to protect him from his own angry people. While he shared much of his history with the Silver Age Aquaman, his life took several dramatic turns.

This version of Aquaman was based in New Venice, Florida, and lived with Mera in the town. He's called back to Atlantis by Vulko and given the new outfit to protect him from his own people. The fickle Atlanteans were in one of their rage-against-Aquaman phases.

This storyline introduces the concept of brothers fighting over Atlantis, Thierna Na Oge as an Atlantean city, and a great deal of the mysticism that later features heavily in his books.

While he only wore the camouflage suit for one adventure, he was a new character after it. This continued into the Long Hair Aquaman years, when he grew more and more concerned about the damage the surface population was causing to the oceans. After a battle with the city of Tritonis, Vulko gave Aquaman possession of the Atlantis Chronicles. Reading them connected the dots for Aquaman and changed him forever.