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Adventure Comics #107
Aquaman Splash Page from Adventure #107 by Louis Cazeneuve
Title: 'Ware Water
Cover Date: Aug 1946
Anthology: Five Stories (Superboy cover), second story
Other Stories: Superboy: "The Sky is the Limit"; Johnny Quick: "The Nightmare of Nicholas Norwich"; Shining Knight: "Magic and the Mobster"; Green Arrow: "Green Arrow, Junior"
Artist: Louis Cazeneuve
Editor: Whitney Ellsworth (credited), Jack Schiff (actual)
Ship Date: 27 Jun 1946
Cover Price: $0.10
Page Count: 7
Character Appearances: Aquaman, Black Jack

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Because of the uranium he was exposed to in his last case, Aquaman cannot touch water for 48 hours, and Black Jack decides to take advantage of the situation.