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For full previews, please visit The Previews Page or the month-by-month previews. Complete DC Solicits are available at Comic Book Resources, Newsarama and Comics Continuum.


Aquaman #50

  • Writer: Dan Abnett
  • Art: Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund
  • Cover: Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund
  • Variant Cover: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
  • Cover Date: May 2016
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Order Code: JAN16 0233
  • Variant Cover Order Code: JAN16 0234
  • Release Date: 30 Mar 2016

Dead Water is a killer and a monster. No matter where you go, he can reach you if there's even one drop of water present. Pray that Aquaman finds you first! And the most famous oceanic hero on Earth is Aquaman, right? In our gala 50th issue, make way for... Aquawoman!

Aquaman #50 Summary Page

Justice League

Justice League

Justice League #49

  • Writer: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Jason Fabok
  • Cover: Jason Fabok
  • Variant Cover: Matteo Scalera
  • Cover Date: May 2016
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Order Code: JAN16 0248
  • Variant Cover Order Code: JAN16 0249
  • Release Date: 16 Mar 2016

In this, the penultimate chapter of the critically-acclaimed epic "Darkseid War," the fate of the Justice League and the entire universe is on the line! But can even the combined might of the Justice Gods contend with the secret machinations of Grail, the deadly daughter of Darkseid? Death, rebirth and the life of one of the members of the League changed forever!

Justice League Summary Page

Justice League of America

Justice League of America #9

JLA 2015 09.jpg
  • Writer: Bryan Hitch
  • Art: Bryan Hitch and Daniel Henriques
  • Cover: Bryan Hitch
  • Variant Cover: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Cover Date: May 2016
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Order Code: JAN16 0250
  • Variant Cover Order Code: JAN16 0251
  • Release Date: 30 Mar 2016

This story was previously scheduled to appear in issue #8.

With Earth as collateral damage, the Kryptonian deity called Rao has the Justice League on the ropes! It would take a miracle to defeat him. Good thing the League makes miracles look easy...

Other Aqua-character Appearances

Aqualad (Garth)

Titans Hunt #6

  • Writer: Dan Abnett
  • Art: Paulo Siquiera
  • Cover: Paulo Siquiera
  • Cover Date: May 2016
  • 32 pages, $2.99
  • 6 of 12
  • Order Code: JAN16 0273
  • Release Date: 16 Mar 2016

A traitor in their midst! As Mister Twister relentlessly tightens his grip, our heroes band together to crack open one of the greatest mysteries in DC history! But if they can't trust their own memories, they certainly can't trust each other...and with good reason. One of them is not who they seem to be!

Bombshell Mera

DC Comics Bombshells #10

  • Writer: Marguerite Bennett
  • Art: Marguerite Sauvage and Laura Braga
  • Cover: Ant Lucia
  • Cover Date: May 2016
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Digital First
  • Order Code: JAN16 0307
  • Release Date: 2 Mar 2016

While Lex Luthor continues to manipulate events behind the scenes, Kate Kane remains in the clutches of the Nazi Edel Nacht, who lays out his plans for world conquest. The inexperienced Huntress is determined to go rescue her, with or without Catwoman’s help. And Zatanna makes plans to cause trouble in the outside world, even as she remains imprisoned in the Joker's Daughter’s cabaret.

Aquagirl: Marina (Batman Beyond)

Batman Beyond #10

BatBeyond2015 10.jpg
  • Writer: Dan Jurgens
  • Art: Bernard Chang
  • Cover: Philip Tan
  • Variant Cover: Dustin Nguyen
  • Cover Date: May 2016
  • 32 pages, $2.99
  • Order Code: JAN16 0290
  • Variant Cover Order Code: JAN16 0291
  • Release Date: 02 Mar 2016

Captured by the Splicers, Batman is set to become the latest guinea pig in their DNA experiments! His only hope may be the very thing that got him into this mess, as Matt's investigations into history's greatest heroes — long thought dead in the war with Brother Eye — finally bears fruit: enter the Justice League Beyond!

Black Manta

New Suicide Squad #18

  • Writer: Tim Seeley
  • Art: Juan Ferreya
  • Cover: Juan Ferreya
  • Variant Cover: Tony S. Daniel
  • Cover Date: May 2016
  • 32 pages, $2.99
  • Order Code: JAN16 0260
  • Variant Cover Order Code: JAN16 0261
  • Release Date: 09 Mar 2016

Officially "killed in action," the Suicide Squad considers what to do with their newfound freedom — but not for long, as their mysterious liberator reveals his own dark reasons for aiding them in their escape — reasons that drag the members of Task Force X deep into the heart of evil in the DC Universe.


Graphic Ink: The DC Comics Art of Jim Lee HC

  • Writer: Various
  • Art: Jim Lee, Scott Williams and others
  • Cover: Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • 416 pages, $39.99
  • Order Code: 0314 JAN16 0314
  • Release Date: 25 May 2016
  • 7.0625" x 10.875"

This new, oversized art book captures some of Jim Lee’s most dynamic artwork from his decades in the comic industry. From his early work with WildStorm Productions to his recent turns drawing the greatest heroes in the DC Universe, GRAPHIC INK collects more than hundreds of pages of cover art as well as little-seen short stories from throughout this artist’s career. See why Jim Lee is considered the greatest comics artist of his generation with this extraordinary collection!