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There may be plot details for recently released
or upcoming issues on this page.
Read at your own risk!

Please visit the Previews page. Complete DC Solicits are available at Comic Book Resources


Aquaman/Green Arrow - Deep Target #3

  • Writer: Brandon Thomas
  • Art: Ronan Cliquet
  • Cover: Marco Santucci
  • Variant Cover: Jonboy Meyers
  • 32 pages, $3.99, 3 of 7
  • Release Date: 28 Dec 2021

Captured by Scorpio, Aquaman and Green Arrow must endure General Anderton's torture long enough to find a way to escape. They are in for a big surprise as they discover that they are being held in the last place they thought possible!

Aquaman: The Becoming #4

  • Writer: Brandon Thomas
  • Art: Scott Koblish and Wade Von Grawbadger
  • Cover: David Talaski
  • Variant Cover: Khary Randolph
  • 32 pages, $3.99, 4 of 6
  • Release Date: 21 Dec 2021

When it rains it pours! Jackson Hyde's no stranger to dark family secrets, but the one he just uncovered is so big it might just blow his whole life to smithereens. With the Atlantean guard closing in, who can Jackson trust when even the closest people in his life have been lying to his face? It couldn’t possibly be the very same person who blew up Atlantis and framed Jackson for the crime... could it?

Black Manta #4

  • Writer: Chuck Brown
  • Art: Valentine De Landro and Matthew Dow Smith
  • Cover: Jorge Fornes
  • Variant: Sanford Greene
  • 32 pages, $3.99, 4 of 6
  • Release Date: 14 Dec 2021

Devil Ray has his sights set on Atlantis, and he races to put his grand plans into motion before Black Manta can unlock the secrets of the mysterious and deadly orichalcum metal. Meanwhile, Torrid forms an uneasy alliance with Manta and Gallous the Goat following their throwdown in Ethiopian airspace. But perhaps her reticence is not unfounded, as Manta's villainous nature emerges on their quest for the truth.

Black Manta #5

  • Writer: Chuck Brown
  • Art: Valentine De Landro
  • Cover: Jorge Fornes
  • Variant: Sanford Greene
  • 32 pages, $3.99, 5 of 6
  • Release Date: 11 Jan 2022

Black Manta finds himself at the crossroads of good and evil as Devil Ray's secret origin and Black Manta's own past collide and erupt! Will Black Manta finally accept his legacy of villainy... and maybe even make the choice to overcome it? Or will Devil Ray's plans quite literally rip apart not just the seven seas, but the whole world?