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There may be plot details for recently released
or upcoming issues on this page.
Read at your own risk!

Please visit the Previews page. Complete DC Solicits are available at Comic Book Resources.


Aquaman #55

  • Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
  • Art: Robson Rocha and Daniel Henriques
  • Cover: Robson Rocha and Jason Paz
  • Variant Cover: Chris Stevens
  • Cover Date: Feb 2020
  • 32 pages, $3.99
  • Order Code: OCT19 0497
  • Variant Cover Order Code: OCT19 0498
  • Release Date: 18 Dec 2019

As Mecha Manta lays siege to Amnesty Bay, Aquaman lays it all on the line. It's land versus sea in a battle of titanic proportion! But which side will Jackson Hyde choose - his mentor or his father?

Other Aqua-character Appearances

Ocean Master

Ocean Master: Year of the Villain #1

  • Writer: Dan Watters
  • Art: Miguel Mendonca
  • Cover: Francesco Mattina
  • Cover Date: Feb 2020
  • 40 pages, $4.99
  • Order Code: OCT19 0468
  • Release Date: 11 Dec 2019

Orm Marius lost nearly everything following the events of "Drowned Earth" - his crown, his love, and his freedom. Now, in the battle between justice and doom, Ocean Master struggles to find his place. But don't count him out just yet - Ocean Master is about to prove exactly what makes him the true king of the seven seas when he discovers a new power that will change the tide forever!